Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend Photos

We have had a nice relaxing weekend. Greg has now gone into work for a few hours and I hope to get some studying done when he gets home (yes-I am a nerd and start working before school even starts :) )
I love this photo. This was taken early yesterday morning. Greg was again trying to relax on the couch, and Analese runs back to her room to get him her blanket AND a princess crown!

We went to my aunt's house yesterday for some crabs, swimming and to meet the newest addition to the family. My cousin was up visiting with her sweet baby girl-it was so nice to have a little baby in my arms again! The girls absolutely loved her, and it was interesting to watch how curious Mara was with her. Usually when I hold someone else, she gets a tad jealous and wants me to pick her up. Yesterday she kept showing me to put the baby on the floor, but I think it was just so that she could see her. She loved being able to hold her, and kept pointing to all her features-her nose, eyes, etc. She cried when her turn was up.

The girls had a great time, and managed to do pretty well considering they didn't have a nap all day. There were some tears, but it could have been ALOT worse :)
We were debating whether or not I should attempt to have some crabs, and decided not to :( Mara is doing so well, I am just hesitant to try anything new right now-especially one of the top 8 allergens!

It is so nice to see how comfortable Analese is becoming at family events. She was a talker yesterday-blurting out random information to those around her, like "I sleep in a bed in my room!" It was adorable! She absolutely loves her cousin Kelsey. I overheard her ask her "Would you like to hold my hand?" Such a sweetie :)

Here are some photos of our weekend!


Peace is every step said...

They are both so cute. I love seeing them in pics every day:).