Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday morning

Good morning! Analese and I have been hanging out while Greg and Mara are sleeping in. We snuggled on the couch for awhile, but then she got bored and is now playing with her pile of necklaces. She has her own system in playing-she sorts them all out and then puts one color around her neck, and then the next....once she has them all on, she takes them off and starts over!

Analese still is not sleeping well at night. The other night Greg came home and found her wide-eyed, bedroom light on, at 1:30 am. That same night, I woke up around 3:30 to find her standing in our doorway. She is pretty unemotional about it all. When I ask her why she is up, she simply states "I don't like the dark". She goes back to bed very easily, no protests at all. Her behavior causes me to think that perhaps she isn't fully awake when she does this, but who knows at this point! All I know is that she isn't sleeping at night, up at 6 every morning, and only sometimes takes a nap....She has always been such a great sleeper, I hope this phase will end soon. The other night I left the door to her room open to see if that helped make her feel better, and it worked that night-no more getting up. But then last night I had just finished getting Mara to sleep and found her laying out in the hall again!

Mara is another one having issues with sleep. Why doesn't anyone want to sleep around here? For Mara though, the problem is clear-it's her teeth. My poor baby is getting one after another, and it is really causing her pain. The past few nights she just wants to nurse constantly, draining every bit of energy out of me. But this is easier to take, since I know this is only a temporary thing.

So of course if the girls are not sleeping, then neither am I. Greg is more then willing to help out with nighttime parenting, but it often takes so long to get him coherent enough to understand what he needs to do, and then keep him awake long enough to do's just not worth it! It's funny-when Analese was a baby, he handled all of the nighttime diaper changes, and now-Mara could be screaming in his ear and it simply wouldn't register.

On Friday we were supposed to start a new playgroup, but I had to cancel. This no-sleep thing is definitely impacting our schedule. Mara slept in until 8:45, and by the time she finished eating, it was almost 10 o'clock. Both girls were pretty unmotivated so I didn't push it; we spent the morning down in the playroom instead. I may have to rethink our Fall schedule, I'll see how next week goes. We have a busy week, with an allergist appt, 2 play dates, and dance class.

Yesterday I spent the day writing a paper for my sociology class. Greg volunteered to take the girls out of the house so that I could actually get some work done without too many interruptions. I was actually able to finish it! I am really trying to put less pressure on myself this semester regarding school, I don't know if it's possible but I will try. As Greg tells me, I am a bit of an over-achiever:)

Today I hope to just relax a bit, and have some family fun. Have a great Sunday!