Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 centimeters

Just a quick update......sorry it's been so long since I have posted! The girls and I have been busy with their school, and lots of play dates. I really pushed myself to take them to as many places as I could, knowing it won't be long now before we will be homebound for awhile.

Last week was their last week of school, which honestly ended at a good time for me. My energy level just dropped last week, and it was difficult just getting them out the door. I was hoping the tiredness was just a temporary thing, but it has continued into this week so I am afraid it may be here to stay!

The baby is as active as ever. I cannot remember the girls ever being this active! My stomach is constantly changing and moving-you can constantly see some body part rolling across my stomach! I am still feeling lots of lower pressure, even more so the past few days. My appointment today showed that I was 3 centimeters dilated and about 85% effaced. Knowing me, this could go on for a few more weeks! We'll just have to see......

We have been making progress in getting the house together. We moved our room around to make room for the baby's dresser/changing pad. Greg and I both went through our closet and got rid of a ton of clothes we haven't worn. I also bought 5 under the bed storage bins for all of our sweaters, and my shoes. I also bought some bins for our closet shelves to hold the baby's clothes. Yesterday I went through all of our cloth diapers and got them organized and ready to go. We are slowly getting things together! Of course, we still have bins in our hallway that need to go back into the attic, we still do not have the car seat down, nor do I have a bag packed.....sigh. So much to do! Tomorrow I hope to gather a list of snack ideas safe for Mara-just to make it easier on whoever gets to watch them. I also hope to throw some dinners together as well. Tomorrow will be one busy day!

I will post some photos soon of the girls and all their activities. I also want to post an update on them as well-they are both changing so much!

We had a very busy weekend. Greg celebrated his birthday last Friday. We bought him an apple tree, which he loved. Mara actually came up with the tree idea, and Analese decided it had to be an apple tree (the girl is addicted to apples). Then Saturday Greg and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe it's been five years already! Friends of ours watched the girls for us while we went out to dinner, which was really nice. Their son is around Mara's age, and they were in the same class together so we see them often. The girls had a blast! Then Sunday we welcomed home Greg's sister and her family. They moved to Italy two years ago, and now are home to stay. It was so nice to see them all again.

Happy anniversary sweetheart!
Looking forward to many more............

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

34 weeks and check-up news

It's odd to think I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. I still haven't quite accepted the fact that there will be another baby in the house soon...I feel like I need to mentally prepare but then just do not have the time to do it!

I had my check-up today. When I mentioned how much lower pressure I have been feeling off and on, she offered to check me in order to see if my body was actually doing anything. Well, it seems that it is! I am 1 centimeter dilated and 70% effaced. She told me how they would like the baby to hold off until at least 37 weeks, and warned that they may want to put me on meds to slow things down. Right now she wants me on a "modified bedrest" taking it extra easy and calling if I continue to feel this pressure.

So we will see....right now I am not too concerned, as I have always been at least 1-2 centimeters dilated the first time they check me at 36 weeks. With Mara they still had to break my water at 39 weeks, as I was 6 centimeters dilated, 100% effaced and no labor in sight. They started to become concerned I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time (I have had fast labors with both). The only concern I have right now is that I never had this pressure before, nor has the baby ever been this low.

She wants to now see me weekly, so we'll see how next Monday's appt goes!

Of course, rest is the last thing on my mind right we have SO much to do beforehand!