Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Thanks for all the well wishes! They seem to have worked, and the girls both seem to be doing better this morning. They even slept in, giving me some much needed rest!

Of course, now both Greg and I are feeling a bit under the weather....I have a sore throat and hope that will be it for now! Greg seems to be feeling worse, but that is always the case when we are both sick. I could have 109 degree temp, and he would still be feeling worse...hee hee. I suspect we'll be seeing him home a bit earlier then usual today!

I canceled our play group this morning, so we have another day to recuperate. The Natural Parenting group I belong to is having a "playdate/cloth diaper meeting" where those of us who use cloth diapers can help new members who are interested in doing the same. I was looking forward to bringing some of our diapers that we no longer use and possibly sell them. Oh well, another day, I guess!

Yesterday I had to drag my sick children out to go pick up our food order. We belong to an organic/natural buying club, and it has been such a blessing to us. We are able to buy in bulk all of Mara's special foods, like her hemp milk, rice yogurt, corn spaghetti, and the oh-so important rice cream (which is for me-the next best thing to ice cream!). The girls were not too happy leaving the house, and cried the whole way there. Luckily I was able to park right in front of the store, so I did not even have to take them out....they just sat and watched me load up the van.

The buying club is through a holistic health studio, so I also picked up this "natural herbal sanitizer" to use on the children's hands when we go out. We have always hated using Purell and other alcohol-based sanitizers, so I am excited to use this. I am really hoping this current illness is not the start of our typical "pick-up-every-germ" winter! I was also able to order some more lavender oil for Mara's eczema. That has been the only thing to really help clear it up, I love it.

So a somewhat productive day! It has been so beautiful outside, I love this time of year. I hate that we have been stuck inside. Hopefully today we will be able to run around out back for awhile.

Any ideas on how to disinfect a cloth doll? I do not want to use anything harsh, since she is kissed ALOT.

Have a great day!


Peace is every step said...

Glad your little ones are feeling better.
Men always have it SOOOOOO much worse, don't they? There, there Gregory, it will be okay. :)

The Daily Rhythm said...

Yes-even Greg will admit to being somewhat of a baby :)
Although he IS at work today and will be watching the girls tonight as soon as he gets home so I can study...he is being a trooper (THIS time around :))
The girls aren't as well as I thought :( But hopefully their on their way to recovery......

Staci said...

Glad the girls are feeling better! But isn't it just typical that now you guys are feeling yucky?? Wow, that organic buying club sounds cool... is there a lot of stuff like that out where you guys are, or do you have to travel? You'll have to tell me how you like the hand sanitizer, too... I, also, could do w/out purell!

The Daily Rhythm said...

the holistic place is right down the street, about 5 minutes from us. It's great! The owner is very helpful, always gives me alternative things to try.
I will definitely let you know about the sanitizer :)