Friday, September 14, 2007


We have been busy the past few days!
Yesterday was dance class, which was again, as adorable as ever. The hour class was a bit harder on Analese this time, and she was so focused on getting her heels together and toes out. So focused that she spent at least 5 minutes looking at her feet, and the feet of the two girls next to her! It was so cute. They do tap and jazz last, which is nice because the girls can bounce around a bit more.
It is interesting to hear the other mothers around me talk while class is going on. I can already see that some are...hmm, how can I say this, a bit, uh, pushy? Like their child will be a dancer for life, that sort of thing. I have learned more about the other dance studio-that they focus on preparing the children for the Peabody! I think I surprised a few mothers when I said that, after hearing that, that I was happy with my decision to come here. She's only three years old and loves to dance...that's it at this point. She might become bored with it next month, and then we'll stop going and find something else that interests her.

Last night Analese had a really hard time sleeping. We left her door open to see if that would help, since Greg found her out in the hallway three times before 10 o'clock. I later woke up around 2 to find her out there again, with her bedroom light on. She did this over and over again, until at least 3 o'clock or so. I really do not know how awake she is-I tried talking to her about it each time she was up and she really didn't say much. She goes back to her bed quite easily, but is then up a few minutes later. Sigh.... I think we may try a night light and see if that will help.

This morning we had a play date with one of Analese's oldest friends. We met Noah and his Mom at a Gymboree class- Noah was 4 months old and Analese was 6 months old. We have been getting together ever since, although our play dates are more spread out now that we each have two children and the distance between us has grown.
Anyway-it was a great time for all of us. I loved watching them play and interact together. They both have gotten so big-it really hits you when you see how much the other one has grown!
Of course us moms were obsessed with getting a photo of the two of them together, but the kids were not having it. We did the best we could though :)

So, we've been busy but having lots of fun!

Here are some pictures from today!


Lorrie said...

It is so cute to see Noah and Analese as babies and now today-they are both as cute as ever! Mara looks the same size as the 8 month old (:

Staci said...

I finally remembered to stop by, and i'm so glad I did... love reading all you are up to (since, even though I feel like we got a good catch up in today, it is never enough!). You're inspiring me to do a blog :-) I was just writing my mom about our playdate and I realized that analese is noah's first friend... how cool. Love the pics you got - I'm uploading mine now :-) Thanks again for having us!

The Daily Rhythm said...

I am so glad you stopped by! I was just going to email you and let you know I added some pictures in from today :)
We had a great time today,and we need to do it again soon! Definitely let's set a date for apple picking soon. Analese is already asking when his party will be, so it is going to be a long couple of weeks :)

Oh-and yes, you should do a blog! I would love to read it!

Staci said...

Well, I'm up and running now :-) Yes, I'm definitely up for apple picking... I'll e-mail you with some dates!

The Daily Rhythm said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see it :)-

Jen said...

Isn't it fun to watch them move from parallel play to actually playing with friends! I don't know what we'd do without our playgroup and frequent playdates. A real lifesaver!