Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mara and her new love

Mara has a new love in her life.

It started a few weeks ago, when she had her first opportunity to hold a real baby. This seems to have awoken Mara's biological clock, and baby fever has begun.

I have now seen Mara nurse her baby, although she has also demanded quite loudly for a bottle for her baby. I find this particularly funny, since our Mara has never taken a bottle to her lips.

If I am changing Mara's diaper, then I have to change baby's diaper too.

If Mara needs luvins, baby needs luvins too.

I find the whole thing just too cute to describe. For one, the baby is quite big, so the sight of Mara carrying her down the hallway most certainly tugs at my heart.

She is now bringing baby to bed with her, and I often find her sleeping with her arm wrapped tightly around baby's head.

Of course, we have used this new found love to our advantage. When Mara wants us to read her a book, we have lovingly suggested that she read baby a story.

And she does.

She props baby up next to her, and loudly reads to her baby.
Every other word is "Ma Ma".

So precious.


Peace is every step said...

too cute!

Staci said...

That is so adorable! Isn't it amazing how young they pick up on natural things done with babies? I've actually witnessed noah "nursing" a baby doll that's at my parent's house (shhh, don't tell tony, lol!)!

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely adorable! What a sweet little mommy!

Jen said...

How incredibly sweet! The bottle thing is funny, too.

Peace is every step said...

I remember mister Aidan nursing his little action figures, and even his trucks. Nevie just makes me nurse everything-she'll probably have a wet nurse when she has kids :).

The Daily Rhythm said...

that is too cute!