Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rest and Relaxation

Is there really such a thing once you have children?

After being sick all week, Greg and I were determined to do just that this weekend. Things didn't quite work out as we planned!

I had originally planned a busy but fun weekend. On Friday night we had plans to go to a campfire and night walk at the local nature center. Analese was so excited to look for night animals! Saturday's activity was a big consignment sale and Sunday was the D.C. Zoo with some friends.

We canceled them all, hoping to just give us all time to recuperate.

But Saturday morning, not wanting to miss the chance to get some great deals, we head out to the consignment sale. It was an hour away, and so extremely humid outside. Add the fact that none of us felt great...what were we thinking?
We were there for two reasons: fall clothes for Analese and toys for Mara. I really have this desire to get Mara her own things. I have been feeling guilty lately that she really doesn't have anything of her own that is age appropriate for her right now. We used to be able to give her Analese's old toys, but as they have gotten older, Analese isn't giving them up too easily anymore! So that was our mission for today.

Lucky for us, everything was organized and clothes were divided up by size, so we breezed through there pretty quickly, getting lots of good bargains! Analese is set for the colder months, and Mara even got a few new sweaters. And then on to the toy section. Analese picked out a dinosaur set, which was really cute. Mara had been relaxing on my back the whole time, but she made it perfectly clear that she wanted a baby doll. I kept picking up each one and she would tell me yes or no. I love the doll she picked-she has good taste! We also got her a tool set full of tools, and some ponies.

As you can see, the tools were a big hit!

We ended up switching toys later, giving Mara the dinosaur set and Analese the tool set, as they were both interested in each others. Mara now has all of the tools that make noise-they were much too loud for my sensitive-eared child!

Mara absolutely loves her new baby, and I think they even look alike! New Baby has come everywhere with us today, and even got to slide down the slide a few times.
Last night New Baby won out on who Mara wanted to sleep with. Tonight, both babies are in there keeping her company.

On Sunday I spent the morning studying, while Greg spent it cleaning. The girls and I had some fun playing outside this afternoon-sidewalk chalk, swings, slides and balls. It was so nice to just be outside, as we spent too many days inside.

So no, not much resting went on this weekend, but we tried. We really did.


Chris said...

I love Mara's new doll, too. I really think it looks like her, too. Sounds like a nice weekend.

My Lifesong said...

No rest for the weary...get to do that after the kiddos are grown, but then, other things take up your time. enjoy them now, and give them each a hug and kiss from Grandma Jeanne

The Spirit said...

Okay, now I know who Mara reminds me of...Dennis' son. Love to you all, hang in there! There will come a day when you'll be reading your daughters blogs and will hear the same complaint.

Grandpa Girl

Staci said...

Hehea, love the tool pics especially, so cute! And yes, the doll is adorable! Where was this consignment sale? Sounds like I missed a good one! Nearly new is this saturday!

Lorrie said...

Adorable pictures! Love Mara's doll and it really does look like her!!

The Daily Rhythm said...

It was down by Bel Air Rd. It was put on by the Pine Valley Swim Club and we definitely need to go again in the Spring! The best thing about it was that everything was sorted, so toys were all in one section, girls clothes, boys clothes...AND separated by size! It was so easy to shop :)
It's going on all week, so let me know if you want the address.

I doubt Greg will want to go again this weekend, but I may go by myself. Are you guys going?