Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pass the tissues......

The girls are both sick :(

Analese woke up Friday afternoon with a sore throat and has gotten progressively worse over the weekend, with a runny nose and fever.

Mara got it Sunday night.

Now, just Analese being sick is bad enough, as she is a bit of a drama queen..especially when it comes to being sick.

" MY TEETH!!" she screams every time she swallows. (she swallows A LOT).

" MY NOSE!!" she screams every time she needs her nose wiped (her nose is currently a faucet)

Yesterday I created a "steam bath" for them, and they painted with dish soap and food coloring. They loved it, and spent over an hour in there. It was a nice, relaxing time and one that may be repeated today!

I have gotten very little sleep since Thursday night. The past 2 nights have been horrible. Yesterday I was a zombie-luckily Greg came home and took over everything: dinner, kids, pets. If he gets sick, I am really in trouble!

Let's hope they get over this soon.


Peace is every step said...

Hope everyone is better soon! It's so hard to have two sick little ones. Give Greg and yourself some Emergen-C pronto!!! I swear by it-all the sick ones I see every day & I rarely get sick. knock on wood.

Maja said...

Julie, I love your blog... I've been reading it all along but this is my first attempt at leaving a comment. :) I'm sorry your monkies are sick. Did Mara's baby get the bug too? :P

The Daily Rhythm said...

Maja! Thanks for reading my blog, and I am so glad you like it :)
And thanks for leaving a comment-I always wonder who is reading this :) How are you doing?

Oh- and surprisingly, baby has not gotten sick yet, Although she is currently covered in boogers, as Mara had to wipe her nose AFTER wiping her own. I have to find a way to clean her up :)

Danielle- we may have to try that! We use Juice Plus, so I have been doubling up on my doses the past few days. I thought it was working but I am now getting a sore throat :(

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all better, soon! The pictures of them sick are adorable, however (:

Jen said...

awww, poor boos! i'm so sorry to hear that the snifflies are taking up residence. I live in mortal dread of both my kids getting sick at the same time. Knock wood, we've avoided it so far, but cold & flu season is right upon us!

anyway, hope all's well again very soon! and hope you get some much needed rest!!!

The Daily Rhythm said...

Hi Jen,
Lucky you! You'll have to tell me your secret as to how keep one from getting what the other one has....

My worst moment was when Analese had the stomach flu and Mara ate something she shouldn't have...Analese was out throwing up all over the couch and Mara was vomiting all over the kitchen floor..ugh.

Staci said...

Ugh, that has to be super sucky when they are both sick at the same time :-( (luckily, I haven't had to deal with that yet!) The steam bath sounds fun, though :-) Hope it passes soon!

The Daily Rhythm said...

Wow! I guess I am very unlucky! They are ALWAYS sick at the same time :)