Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Conversations with Mara

Up until recently, Mara has not been much of a talker. She is, instead, a hummer.

She hums her words, usually keeping the same pitch, and isn't bothered with things like words or syllables. Our conversations are simple. She hums her words and I "pretend" that I know what she is saying, and she'll either nod in agreement or shake her head no. It's often a guessing game, but one that I have gotten quite good at with lots of practice!

It drives her daddy crazy, and even I will admit that it can be tough to listen to at times. I remind myself that this is just how she attempts to communicate right now, and the words will come.

So tonight is my study night. As soon as Greg gets home, I gather up my books, say goodbye to the girls and head downstairs to work while Greg finishes dinner and tend to the girls. Mara becomes very upset, wanting me to take her with me, but I remind her that Daddy can give luvins just like Mommy.

It is definitely hard to hear your child crying and calling for you from the top of the steps. I keep reminding myself that Daddy-time is just as important as my much-needed study-time. I turn on my music to drown out the cries, but am continually reminded of it in-between songs.

Once dinner is ready, I head upstairs and we eat. After dinner, Greg and Analese are out in the other room, and Mara is still working on her THIRD piece of chicken (yes-our little peanut likes to eat!)

As she was finishing up, I asked her why she was crying earlier.

She put hers hands to her eyes and pretend to cry.

I nodded my head, and said "yes, you were crying earlier. Why were crying?"

She puts her hands out towards me and says " oo Ma Ma" . She looks very concerned.

I asked her if she wanted Mommy, and she nodded her head yes. She wraps her arms around her own body, and rocks back and forth.

I said " Oh, you wanted Mommy to hold you?"

She again nods her head yes. I told her I was sorry, and that I could hold her now if she wanted me to. She shook her head yes, and I got her out of her chair. She gives me a quick hug, and squirms down to go find her sister.

A very simple conversation between Mara and I, and I hope this is just a start of many conversations to come.

This is what I want to remember about today.

Not the fact that I don't feel well, or that the house is a mess.

Not the fact that the girls decided to color with markers all over the dining room wall, table, chairs and each other.

Nope, those I think I will choose to forget.....


Anonymous said...

At first I thought she had a severe injury on the picture! Very sweet story!

Peace is every step said...

She is such a sweetie. It's so fun to hear words--however mumbled/hummed---come from their sweet lips!
Nevie still sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown most of the time. Little by little, it's getting clearer. Make sure you get ample tape of her hums!

Staci said...

Aww, that is so sweet! I never got to hear these famous hums last week! :-)

The Daily Rhythm said...

I am sure you'll hear them on Tuesday :)