Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Allergist

Our appointment went well. Like always, we waited almost an hour for a 5-10 minute appointment. Oh well, the girls were so wound up during our wait. Captive audience! Analese showed off her dance moves, and Mara was only interested in climbing up and down off the chair. It gave people something to watch!
The allergist told us we were doing a great job, and that we should be allergists since "it's all about observations", which we have clearly mastered with Mara. It took us awhile, but I do think we understand the whole reaction thing and what to look for now....and it's much easier to trace back what she ate. But the biggest thing we have gained is more confidence in actually what we are observing, and just eliminating the food instead of questioning ourselves.
So he did a quick exam, and then just took notes of everything we told him regarding her gluten and soy experiences, and that was it! We go back in 6 months, and he also wants to get her re-tested then as well. He feels that as she is getting older, the tests will become more accurate.

So now the girls are hopefully asleep for awhile so I can rest and possibly study a bit! Mara was up ALL night last night with her tummy troubles, so I am exhausted once again. Greg has pool tonight, so hopefully she'll go to sleep a bit earlier for me. Let's hope......


Peace is every step said...

Well, good news? I have the sense you maybe wanted more information...or are you okay with how the visit went.

How is Mara's weight doing? Is she starting to gain now with eliminating some of her trigger foods? I hope so, the little peanut!!!

Take care,D

The Daily Rhythm said...

I am very ok with how the appt went. It's pretty much what we expected. Honestly, we really aren't looking for information anymore, as I don't think there is anything new to tell us :) We are not interested in doing anything right now-I just want to give her some time to get her weight up. No talk of introducing foods-so I believe we are on the same page with that in waiting at least another year or so. Well see. I want to see her hit 0% in weight first before anything :)
As for weight-she weighed 18 pounds, 15 ounces at her last appt a few weeks ago. She's gained about 1/2-1 pound a month since April, which is great for her. She is slowly moving up on her curve! We have stopped weight checks for now, we'll weigh her at home and if she has to go in for other reasons.
Her eczema on her face is much better since we eliminated coconut and onions from her diet, so another plus! I think she's doing great, so as long as she continues, we're not changing anything.