Monday, October 1, 2007

Mara's Turn!

Yup, that's right.

MARA is now sick.

I am seriously losing my mind, as we move into week 3 of germs, germs, and more germs!
Last week involved a trip to the pediatrician for Analese for an ear infection, and a trip to the doctor for Greg for a sinus infection. Apparently our Ms. Mara was feeling a bit left out of it and felt the need to shake things up a bit this week!

It appears that she has some sort of stomach thing, as well as a horrendous cough that continues to get worse. Plus the fact that she is getting in at least 8 new teeth (all 4 molars at once) makes our Mara one sad little girl.

So we are homebound once again. I hate that the girls are missing out on all the fun activities I had planned. This Wednesday we are to go to the Train Museum, so keep your fingers crossed that we can make it!

Yesterday-before we knew how sick Mara was getting, we took the girls to Noah's birthday party. Can you guess what his theme was? It was at an inflatable gym, or the "bouncy place" as Analese calls it. We all had so much fun! Mara was obsessed with the slides and loved going down them by herself until she turned herself around one time mid-slide. Then no more slide for her! Looking back, she was probably feeling bad then. I am just so glad we got to go! Last year I had to miss his party because Mara was sick-do you notice a trend here?


The Spirit said...

I know what's making them sick! You have to keep those spiders out of your house!

Seriously, I hope everyone is feeling better. I really love looking at pictures of my two (three?) east coast girls.

The Spirit said...

I just read that you are going to the train museum. Is that the roundhouse museum? I was born right around the corner from there on Ramsey St. Take a walk south from the museum to Ramsey St. then turn right and you can see how we "poor" people lived.

Lorrie said...

I hope they are all better soon! Maybe this is the last of it for the rest of the winter-then it will be your turn next (:

The Daily Rhythm said...

Dad-yes, its the B & O Railroad museum. I know the area all too well-remember I lived on Hollins St for awhile :) I didn't realize you were born right there.

Yes-surprisingly I also caught this virus but was better in 3 days! We would be in trouble if I got as sick as the rest of them-Greg certainly wouldn't be able to live on such small spurts of sleep for so long!

Staci said...

So sorry Mara got sick next, but i'm glad that it seems to have been short lived (at least the tummy part). That is such a cute picture!! I'm so glad you guys got to come, it was great seeing you! Oh, and yes... we're on for next tuesday - no more sickies allowed!!