Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Dilemma- what would you do?

Would you take your child out when she's got a terrible cough?

No other symptoms, just a horrible, hacking cough.

I am debating whether or not to go to the B & O Railroad Museum tomorrow. We are to go with some members from my Natural Parenting group. It was my idea to go, and I am hosting.

Plus, I finally got a member-who I have never met but through email- to agree to come along. She has children the same age as mine, and I really sense that she really needs some support in her life. She is a bit nervous about driving in the city, and wants to follow me there.

So what would you do? Greg has to work, so it is either all or nothing. I would call Greg's parents but we have never left Mara-ever, and I would rather wait and have Analese with her the first time we do.

So again, what should I do?

I am leaning towards just going. We will be going to their "toddler time" program, but afterwards we'll be outside most of the time. I just do not want to be one of those parents that take their child out when they should clearly be home. Selfishly, I really would love to get out and about since we have been home for over 2 weeks I will admit that may be clouding my judgment :)

Anyway-I would love to hear some thoughts


Lisa said...

Since we've been through the "cough" with both Adam and Michael, I would say just go. I'm sure people gave me looks all the time, but if we hadn't gone out it would have meant me giving up my job and being cooped up in our house for the last 4 yrs or so!!! Since ours was always a cough with runny nose when their asthma kicked in, it was hard for strangers to tell that it wasn't a cold, but since I'm really not concerned with what other people think, I didn't care! Just explain to the group and the people you know that she's not exhibiting any other symptoms, shouldn't be contagious at this point and make sure if they freak out about it, that they keep their kids from kissing her or putting things in their mouths that may have been in hers (which is a good rule of thumb in general ;) ). I've learned that you can't let life pass you by while you're waiting for the cough to go away and your child to be 100%, it may never happen!!!

Peace is every step said...

Hi Julie--I agree with Lisa, sometimes you just gotta go. It would be different if she had other symptoms and was otherwise miserable. But, a cough is a cough...she's most likely past the contagious point anyway. Have fun!

The Spirit said...

I'd take 'em. My only concern would be the other children that are going. Does she have something that could be contagious? If not go for it!

Lorrie said...

I agree with the others! She is not running a temp and she has had it awhile with no other symptoms, so go have fun!

The Daily Rhythm said...

THANKS everyone! My bags are packed and we are going! As Greg said-"are you really worried about what someone else thinks?" Umm no. I don't think she is contagious but there is always that fear that she'll get someone else sick (or that someone will get sick and blame me). I know how irritating that is, as my girls pick up every germ around :)

So I am excited, Analese is really excited and keeps asking me if we can go "right now". The weather is supposed to be beautiful and I think it will be great for us to get out.
Thanks for the advice and I'll post some pics when we get back!

Chris said...

I'm so glad you decided to go for it. I agree completely with the others. A cough is a cough--she's not running a temp. or anything any more. I'm with Lisa--if I kept my family home for a cough, we would never go anywhere. :) At least one of the kids always has something.
Have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine--you deserve it after the 2 weeks you've had.

The Spirit said...

Hey, Jul could you take a panoramic picture of Ramsey St. if it appears safe?

The Daily Rhythm said...

Dad-your a little late in the request! We went yesterday morning.

But honestly, Greg would have a fit if I took the girls down to Ramsey St.-it's not the safest area. I would do it alone, but not with the girls. We had actually just missed a shooting right in the area by 20 minutes yesterday.