Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Busy Day

We have had a busy morning! Analese had a "formal assessment" done for her speech-a little more involved then the last one. We got to go to the elementary school that Analese will be attending if we decide to do public school. Analese was so excited! She woke up around 5 this morning, and when Greg went in there she told him she was ready for school :) She kept asking me if she could sit next to Ms. Renee (the therapist), and then wanted to know where I was going to sit. All morning she asked me this, over and over again. On the way to school, she suddenly got nervous, and told me she was scared. I kept telling her we were just going for a short meeting, Greg and I were not leaving her, etc. but she still had her "worry-face" on the whole time.

The assessment went well. Analese had to look at different pictures and just her what she saw. Simple enough. Analese sat on my lap and answered them all without hesitation. We now have to go back November 8th for a meeting to discuss the results from today's test. Once we have that meeting, we can then set up therapy. She discussed the possibility of either having her in a group session or we'll see what she thinks about what would be best for her.

After the assessment was over, we had to hurry home and get ready for dance class. Today they were celebrating Halloween, so Analese got to wear her butterfly princess costume...boy, was she excited! She floated when she walked, she was just beaming. She had a heart wand that went with it, but the heart fell off on the way to class. So it was just a pink stick, but surprisingly she did not seem to mind! Class was full of princesses, fairies and witches. One little girl was a dinosaur-it was adorable! The class itself was chaotic, as the girls were too preoccupied with costumes to actually dance. Analese actually did very well, because she loved looking at herself in the mirror. (I had forgotten my camera again, so no photos to show just how cute they all were!)

Analese got a piece of candy at the end of class, which did not go over too well with Mara. We had been contemplating what to do about trick-or-treating this year. We do not give the girls candy, but do not completely restrict it either. I have seen way too many "restricted children" go completely nuts over it and become obsessed....when I taught preschool I had one little girl who would search everyone else's cubby looking for sweets! So in my opinion, moderation is better. Plus, this year Analese is older and will probably realize that candy is being put into her bag (we were able to get away with just taking the bag last year). So-I think we decided to put one of Mara's safe lollipops in her bag and pull it out as her treat to eat (they'll each get to eat one thing when we get home). I think that will work this year......our fingers are crossed that it will.


Peace is every step said...

I love the butterfly fairy costume! She is adorable!! I'm glad dance is going well with her. What feelings did you get from the local school? Do they have any preschool type things there at all?

Lorrie said...

Awww, I love her costume-she is too adorable in it!! I love the way she looks at herself, too (: I would love to see her dance, so don't forget the camera next time! Did you like the school, then?

Jen said...

such a sweet costume!!! my fingers are crossed too that your "candy strategy" works out. i'm lucky this year that the little one is too little to know anything about it. but i'm keeping that tip in mind for next year!

glad to hear the assessment went well!

Chris said...

I just love her face as she's looking in the mirror at herself! Too adorable!
Yeah, I want to know more about the school, too. What did you think?
As far as the candy thing goes...we've given up all hope as to limiting it around Halloween. It's impossible to take a 10 yr. old boys candy sack from him. What we do every year is pour it all in a big bowl and they can have a few peices a day. Pretty soon--within a few days--the bowl is forgotten and I end up throwing most of it away. I've worried about cavities and whatnot, but out of all my kids, not one has had a cavity yet! Brushing is the key, I guess. :) Sorry, absolutely no help here....