Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"P"s and "S"s

As I mentioned earlier, Analese had her assessment yesterday for speech. She has been switching all of her "s"s with "p"s for some time now, and we're somewhat concerned that it was becoming a habit for her. I will admit to getting a smile when I hear her refer to Mara as "her little pisser", or when she tells me that there is something in her "poo".

I will even admit to smiling about it right now.

But as she is becoming more social, I can see how it affects her when the other children cannot understand what she is saying. All of us adults have learned to just switch her letters around, but that is not something you can explain to another 3 year old.

So our appointment went well. The speech therapist was very nice and Analese warmed up after about 5 minutes, and began talking away. They made a "flower garden" with paper cut-outs and glue sticks, and I pretended that it didn't bother me that she was more interested in making it look "perfect" then to let Analese do it the way she wanted to. They read some books, and Analese would tell her about things on the page. She was reading a book about pumpkins and mentioned that pumpkins have a vine...Analese became all excited and said "Oh! Monkeys love vines! They swing on them and then eat some bananas!" After that, every time the book mentioned vines, Analese would again throw out a tidbit about monkeys. That's my girl!

I found it interesting all the assumptions that were made. Mara was trying to show her a toy and she naturally thought she was pointing to the television, and said "oh yes, is it time to watch more TV?" And she kept bringing up "Disney Princess", assuming that Analese knew what she was talking about! One of the books she chose to read was "Beauty and the Beast" which I have never let Analese watch because of her fear of monsters, so last night that is all Analese wanted to tell Daddy about.

Ok, enough of me ranting.....I just found it so funny that there is this expectation that all girls are into all of the Disney princess stuff. Granted, Analese probably would be if I let her, but I am just not ready to expose her to all of that just yet-if ever!

She taught Analese how to put her top teeth onto her bottom lip in order to make an "ffff" noise, because she also switched all her "f"s for "p"s as well yesterday. I had mentioned this to the therapist on the phone that she occasionally did, it was the whole time yesterday!

Analese really enjoyed it and was sad when she had to go. As she was walking to her car, Analese said "Wait! I didn't get a chance to show her my room!"

So the verdict is that yes, Analese does need therapy a couple times a month. We will be starting as soon as we have a meeting with the therapist. Hopefully it will be soon.


Lisa said...

I'm glad that Analese warmed up to the lady so that she could get an accurate assessment of her. Imagine if you'd tried to do this with her a year or so ago??? I'm sure you'll see a huge improvement in a short period of time with her once she begins the therapy, she's such a smart little girl she'll pick it up quickly. I was just saying to Paul the other day how well Michael seems to be talking now, he's progressed so much in the last year. Remember how worried I was about him talking at all last he doesn't stop! I guess it would be too easy if they never gave us anything to worry about, wouldn't it!
Scary stuff about the bus the other day! Have you stopped replaying it over and over in your head yet? I don't suppose you'll ever hear if anything happened with the bus driver? Certainly makes you appreciate every moment!

Rebekah said...

It is so good you went to get her evaluated. And of course, those speech therapist are trained in speech and speech development, not age appropriate play (letting the picture look like the child wants!). They should have more gender neutral ways of getting children to speak.

I had a speech therapist in my preschool class one year and she drew a cloud using a blue crayon. She asked the preschooler what it was and the child did not answer. The speech therapist said it was a cloud and the preschooler said the obvious... "clouds are not blue." DUH!

Peace is every step said...

Hey Jules. Glad it went well overall-I'm sure she'll take off on the therapy and make it fun for herself--she's got the best imagination! We are looking into having Nevie evaluated too...I wanted to wait until she was at least 2 1/2. She's getting a bit more clear, but often sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown. :)

Oh, and I'm sure you will run into the "barbie/disney/sponge bob/etc" phenomenon over and over unfortunately. A nurse was asking Aidan one tome all about sponge bob and he looked at her like she was crazy, "a sponge with the name bob?" :0)

The Daily Rhythm said...

Thanks everyone!

Lisa-I do remember how worried you were, and am so glad that Michael is doing so well. Ugh-if we tried this last year it would take a year to get an accurate assessment! She has really come so far these past few months :)
And, no I haven't really stopped thinking about the bus thing but I am trying...too too scary. I thought I was a nut before in regards to safety! Now I am sure to drive Greg and the girls crazy :)

Rebekah-thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes-I had to keep reminding myself that she was here for speech, not art, and the fact that Analese gets to create things the way she wants to any other time. Analese has a great imagination and loves to use color with no interest in how things are "supposed" to be. So I'll be watching to make sure that isn't taken away from her :)

Danielle- that is too funny about Sponge Bob! EVERY time we go to the movie store and let the girls pick out a movie themselves...Mara goes for Sponge Bob! It is so funny. I have managed to direct her attention elsewhere so far, but there is something about this yellow square that is so appealing to her.
I know this subject is going to keep coming up-I hate how commercialized childhood has become, like I am doing her a disservice by restricting most of it. She's only 3, and I want her to continue to be interested in everything, not just the "girl things".
Of course, I have my own wishes and desires but she has her own too. Yesterday we went to the costume store to find a skunk costume for Analese (which she said she wanted to be) and she walks in and sees all the princess costumes and her eyes were huge!
So now she is going to be a butterfly princess, and I will admit that she is the most adorable butterfly princess ever :)
(Oh-and to make myself feel better, I plan to go back after Halloween and buy a doctor costume, construction worker, etc. for our dressup play)