Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smile: Top Ten

I mentioned this before, but it has been a rough week. Midterm exams and crying, emotional children are tough to deal with at the same time!

But, rather then dwell on the things that are getting me down, I thought I would dedicate this post to the things that made me smile today.

  1. Mara, waking up as usual, full of energy. She ran down the hall this morning and stops at the kitchen in this "ta da" pose, waiting for Daddy to notice her. She gives him a huge, toothy grin and runs into the living room to find Analese and do the same thing.
  2. The girls were playing doctor this morning, with Mara being the doctor. I was cleaning up breakfast, and suddenly I heard Analese screaming and crying...I found her running around the room with Mara right behind her. Analese was screaming "NOT the tweezers!". Mara had a big grin on her face, and tweezers in her hand.
  3. Analese began screaming and crying because she said Mara was thinking about taking her purse. Mara was standing in the doorway just watching her.
  4. Driving to dance class, listening to Cat Stevens...."Peace Train" comes on and Analese screams "TURN IT UP!!" and begins to sing along.
  5. While watching her sister dance, Mara suddenly turns around and gives me a big kiss on my mouth, and then turns back around to watch some more.
  6. At the end of dance class, the girls sit around a circle and each one takes a turn in the middle, doing "heel, toe, heel, toe, clap, clap, clap"...Analese swung her toe out so far she came so close to hitting her teacher in the head. She then does this long bow, making all the parents giggle around me.
  7. While trying to nurse, my super-sleepy Mara had the giggles and would laugh anytime I looked at her.
  8. Watching Greg dance around the room with the girls while I made dinner.
  9. My personal favorite: Today Analese came up with names for each hand..."Lucky" and "F*cky". What can you say to that? I smile every time. And last but not least.....
  10. watching Greg's face when she told him these names!

So what made you smile today?


Peace is every step said...

OMG-I can't get over Analese's names for her hands!! Too funny

Lorrie said...

Your top ten made me smile, too! I love the hand names as well! She reminds me so much of Alaina sometimes because she named everything and still does (:

Stephanie said...

Well I'm smiling too! A great list!

Chris said...

Very funny list! I love it! The names of her hands are priceless.

Jen said...

ROTFL! i'd love to see her do those names for left and right as part of the hokey pokey!!! your list definitely made me smile. thanks for sharing!

Staci said...

OMG! I love the hand names, that is a story to tell when she is older for sure! :-) And I love how she knew what mara was thinking... ahh, the brains of our 3 year olds!! Sorry it's been a rough week, but today starts a new one, so my fingers are crossed it will be better!