Friday, October 5, 2007

All Aboard!

Our trip to the train museum was lots of fun! My decision to bring Mara was a good one-she hardly coughed at all while we were there (except when she was crying). I had given her a steam bath the night before, and had the vaporizer running all night-things we had been doing, but they really seemed to help her sleep. I even had to wake her up at 8:30 am so that we could leave by 9!

We missed the story-time due to being stuck in road construction, but the girls were able to participate in the craft. They each got to make a train using foam pieces and glue sticks. They enjoyed it, but were really only interested in "what we going to do next".

Next was the kiddie train ride. Analese was in her glory! She was beaming, waving to us every few seconds. Mara wasn't able to get on at the same time Analese did, so when it was her turn, she lasted about 5 seconds before she started crying and they had to stop it. Meanwhile-Analese is crying hysterically at the same time because she couldn't ride with Mara. Fun! Of course I was just telling everyone how much Mara LOVED the rides at the amusement park we had gone to over the summer!

After that, things went downhill for awhile, and I was really questioning WHY I had wanted to come in the first place! Mara was crying off and on and only wanted me to hold her (I should also mention that it was extremely humid outside, which I had not dressed for!). Analese became extremely whiny, wasn't happy with anything we were doing and just wanted to move on. I was starting to feel like this trip was now becoming my nightmare.....

So then it's time for the train ride. Waiting on the platform, Analese had a meltdown when the train came in blowing it's whistle a little too loudly for her. Mara was still crying. I was starting to wonder if we would get kicked off the train!

Once we got on the lovely air-conditioned train, Mara demanded to nurse. She nursed while we waited for the train to move, and by the time it started moving she was happy once again. Oh the magic of mama's milk! Analese was all smiles on the train, and we had a lovely ride.

After the train ride, we walked around the museum and looked at all the trains. The girls and I had a great time (finally!) We ended our trip with a stop in the gift shop, and walked out with two ceramic train kits to paint at home.

The girls were exhausted by the time we got home. Exhausted but still excited. I found Analese rolling around in her bed 30 minutes after I put her down, and the first thing she said was "I am just so excited to tell Daddy about my day!"


Lisa said...

Sounds like a typical day out with kids...they're little Jekell and Hydes sometimes! Sounds like you had a great time overall though, I'm so glad that you decided to go after all. I think sometimes getting the kids out of the house, even when they're not feeling 100% makes all the difference, gives them a distraction from being sick. Analese's looks in the pics remind me so much of Michael's, he gets that same look in his eye and that little grin when he's trying to be cute or funny. It's crazy how alike they are!

Lorrie said...

I loved all the pictures! Your girls are so animated and some of Analese's expressions are so priceless! I am glad it was a good day overall!

Peace is every step said...

Don't you wish we could just follow our emotions like children? I wish I could throw tantrums and scream and cry when a board meeting gets to long...or just get up and run around.
Glad you decided to go! The pictures are adorable!!

Following Forward said...

What cute pictures!! Wish we had a train museum! When Aven is older we will have to visit yours while in Maryland! Glad it ended well for you! :)

Maja said...

Awww, so many CUTE pictures! Analese has the cutest faces ever, and Mara just looks more grown up everytime you post a new shot of her... her hair is getting so cute!

The Spirit said...

The pictures are wonderful. I remember playing around the roundhouse when I was a little bigger then Analese. We used to go
there and catch pigeons. All the older kids had pigeon coops either in their backyards or more often, on their roofs.
We were living on Ramsey St. when my older brother Sonny (Leo Francis Jr.) was shot and killed. He was killed near Hollins Market near where you lived Julie. My sister Susan was also killed while we lived on Ramsey St. She was ran over by a truck and was buried on Christmas day, her birhtday. (just a little stroll down family history lane)

Staci said...

Wow, that looks awesome! I have to take noah there! Is that in Ellicott City? Yep, I can imagine how difficult life with two toddlers can be, as life with one toddler and an infant is crazy enough, and I know it will only get crazier once chloe is a toddler, too!

The Daily Rhythm said...

Staci-this is the one downtown. Noah would love it! Of course-let me know when you go and we'll meet you there-again :)
Oh and next Tuesday its free!

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!