Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Puppy Dog Rescue

Analese has been making up stories lately. I love to hear what she is thinking about, and how far her imagination will go.
Her stories begin suddenly-she'll be talking about something simple and suddenly dive deep into her fantasy world. I find myself studying every word, listening intently and trying remember so I can write it down later.

So today, she told us the story of the puppy dog and the kitty cat. She was first telling her Daddy (who had just gotten home) about how she has a doctor kit downstairs, and that she needs it for her kitty cat.

"Kitty cat got outside, and ate something really bad. She has a tummy ache". That is actually not too far from the truth, as Pebbles ate some grass while she was on our deck earlier and had thrown up once she came inside. But then...

"Yes, she was really scared, so the puppy dog has to come and rescue her". Rescue her from what?

"Well, kitty cat likes to swim. She loves to swim in the water, and one day a big scary diver came down to the kitty. A big diver. Kitty was scared and the puppy down swooped down into the water and rescued her". She brings her hands down like she's picking something up.

"He brought her up out of the water and ran her to the ice cream shop. Kitty likes ice-cream. She likes chocolate and vanilla with sprinkles". Oh just like you?

"YES! Like me. Puppy dog also likes ice cream and they were safe there at the ice cream shop. Divers don't like ice cream. " Why not?

" Because they can't eat ice cream IN THE WATER!"

She laughs at her silly mommy for not knowing this simple fact, and runs off to tell Daddy again why she needs to go downstairs for her doctor kit.

I understand the "diver" reference from her fascination with Nemo, but why an ice cream shop? That one I truly don't understand, but love the visual!


Lorrie said...

Aww, I love it, too! I love hearing her stories! I can just see her big brown eyes all animated!

The Spirit said...

I know why the ice cream shop...that's where we took her when we visited:)

Staci said...

Hehhea, SO cute! It's amazing to hear how their minds work! There are so many occasions where, for the life of me, I just can't figure out where noah picked certain things up. Gotta love their innocence... so cute! Glad you got to go yesterday!

The Daily Rhythm said...

For some reason, the ice cream shop is a safe place for her, and she has only been there once or twice (the last time being on her birthday) I was trying to keep her awake on the way home yesterday and had her tell me another story, which involved being lost and becoming "safe" once again at the ice cream shop :)

Jen said...

that's adorable :-) love your description of how she told it, too.