Friday, October 26, 2007

Rainy Friday

Another rainy day here, but no complaining from me! We need as much rain as we can get. I had planned to do some much-needed cleaning this morning but a headache and two little girls prevented that from happening.

We all began to get under each other's skin. Analese wanted to just play by herself, Mara wanted to play with Analese and I just wanted the yelling and crying to stop!

So, I came up with a solution: Outside time. It was raining pretty steadily, the perfect kind of rain to jump around in and look for puddles.

I announced my plan to the girls and their eyes just lit up. We got some sweaters and jackets on, rain boots and raincoats, Mara and her winter hat...we were set!

It was cold outside, but the girls didn't mind. Mara held her arms out slightly as she walked due to the bulge of her sweater and jacket, but her smile told me it really didn't matter.

We walked around looking for puddles, and ended up on the street to watch the water flowing down the curb. Analese suggested we follow it, so off we went. We got to splash and jump as we glasses were completely speckled with raindrops. Analese found a leaf and put it in the water, gently encouraging it to "swim".

We followed the water all the way down to the storm drain, where we listened to the echo that the water made as it flowed into it. Analese found her leaf and shoved it through the holes.

We walked back to the house and ran around out back for awhile. We were soaked. Once back inside, the girls had a nice warm bath before lunch.

Turned out to be a great day!

I couldn't take photos outside, as Greg would kill me to expose the camera to water and humidity! Here of some photos of the girls getting ready....Analese would make a silly face just as I took the picture :)


Lorrie said...

OMG! Way too cute! What a great rainy day you had and it would have been fun to see the pictures, but I know how Gregg is with the camera (:

Peace is every step said...

So cute! I love Mara smiling at her sister.

Chris said...

That's my favorite picture, too. I love rainy days when the kids want to play outside. When they come in all cold and want to get cozy, it's the best feeling!