Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sunny and 70

I think my New Year's resolution should have been to not post often or keep up with other people's blogging.....I would have been successful! Sorry I haven't been around much, I haven't gotten much computer time lately. The girls have been coming into bed with me in the morning (OK, Mara is usually already there) and they watch a show while they drink their milk. Once the show is over, it's TV off and we get up for breakfast. It's been great on limiting their television watching even more-we are down to 30 minutes in the morning and sometimes another 30 minutes in the afternoon. Not too bad! Plus having another 30 minutes to lay in bed half-awake is great for me as well :)

But, my point in all this is that my morning computer time is no more. I could usually get on while they watch their show, but I instead have traded it for sleep. I try and get on throughout the day if the girls are involved in something without me, but its tough. I am sure this will all change in a few weeks once school starts up again. I am taking a web design class, which I am really excited about!

The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL! It has been close to 70 degrees outside, making my resolution to get outside very easy! Yesterday we met Greg's cousin and a friend of mine at the park, and we walked and then hung out at the playground. It was so nice to be outside, and the girls just love their cousin Ryan, who is 9 months old.

Today Analese had speech, but we packed a lunch and headed to a park afterwards. Another fun time! We stayed for a few hours until we had to pick up our food order.

Oh-cute story. After speech, I was helping Mara into her car seat when Analese suddenly just bursts out crying. Once I got her calmed down a bit to understand her, she cries "I FORGOT TO TELL MS. RENEE YOU HAVE A BABY IN YOUR TUMMY!" She was devastated, and was not comforted by the fact that the baby will still be in there next week.

It's been a great two days, but it has been exhausting for me. Once we get home, the girls go to sleep and I clean up from the morning. It's not giving me any down time and by 5 o'clock I am worn out! I will be heading to bed here shortly, once I know both girls are finally asleep.

My tummy is popping out and my belly button is even half popped out! It's funny that it is happening so soon, but I always hear that it happens sooner with each child. I am doing the safety pin trick on my jeans, and living in sweats when I am home. I told Greg that we'll have to get my maternity clothes down from the attic soon...just so I can be comfortable in a few more things!
I hope your all having a good week, and I'll be back on when I can! I am off to eat some rice cream and go to bed :)


Lorrie said...

Nice to hear from you! I still can't believe it is 70 degrees out there-I thought we were lucky at having it been in the 30's here (: I would definitely make changes to get more sleep, as well! Take care..

Mama Zen said...

Oh, my gosh! You're pregnant? I totally missed that! Congratulations!