Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh what a night....

I am sitting here waiting to here from Greg. He took Analese to the hospital to have her checked out. She began vomiting a little while ago and has thrown up 7 times in an hour. Because of her head injury earlier today, we are a bit concerned!

I hated to stay home, but we couldn't see waking up Mara so that we could all go. So my job is to continue washing all of her bed sheets, blankets and pillow in order to have to ready for her return. I feel for Greg, as I had explained in my post earlier, Analese does not handle doctors very well. Hopefully they can get in and out quickly so that we can all get some sleep tonight.

I'll keep you all posted with any updates. For now, I will be concentrating on trying to get the smell of vomit out of every room, and out of my hands. I have washed them over and over again, and I can still smell it.

My poor baby. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.


Mama Zen said...

I normally don't wish stomach bugs on people, but, in this case, I hope that's all that going on!

Try washing your hands with toothpaste. Sounds crazy, but it will take the smell of vomit off of your skin.

Keep us informed!

Chris said...

Oh Julie--I'm sitting here so concerned! I'm wondering if it's too early to call you. I pray that everything is fine...poor girl...and poor Mom and Dad. I'll be sitting on pins and needles all morning.

Lisa said...

I'll be checking in for an update, make sure you post as soon as you can! Hope everything is okay and it's just a bug, there's one going around Michael's class at daycare, so it's out there! Thinking of you guys.