Friday, January 25, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry its taken me so long to update you all. My computer has been acting up today-of course!

Greg was at the hospital with Analese until 4 this morning, and she continued to vomit until about 7. We got to sleep from 5-7 and then Ms. Mara was up for the day. The hospital said she either has a concussion or a stomach virus...we're all hoping for the virus. There seems to be a nasty one going around, so hopefully that is it (but one the rest of us do not get!)

Analese is pretty lethargic, not eating and I have been getting her to take sips of water every 15 minutes. Hopefully she'll start to feel better soon, and hopefully we'll get some sleep tonight!

Got to go, but wanted to give a quick update!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the update, glad to hear that they're home now. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's a bug and that you're all immune to it as well! Hopefully the girls will both sleep well for you tonight so that you can try to catch up on your sleep. Take care!

Mama Zen said...

Well, the ER was really helpful, weren't they?

Hope it's a virus, and she's better soon.

Chris said...

Thanks for updating, Julie. I was gone all day yesterday and called Lorrie throughout the day to see if she had talked with you. She filled me in on all they had told you/or haven't told you. I'm glad she stopped throwing up, finally. I pray it's just the flu...and pray you, Mara and Greg don't get it!

Jen said...

oh my goodness! definitely will add my hopes for the virus. be well!!!

My Lifesong said...

Oh Jul, I didn't know what you've been going thru the last two days. I hope she's feeling better, and eating now, and you're catching up on sleep. What a nasty smack on the face. And if it's a virus, hope everyone else stays well.

Anonymous said...

We've had a head injury scare with our little one too - no fun waiting and watching to see what, if anything, will happen. I'll chime in and vote for the virus too! And will watch for a happy ending update soon! Take care.