Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mama's Magic

Both girls are miserable,
both have bad colds.
When all they want is th
eir Mama to hold.

So what can Mama do
to turn frowns
upside down?

Well, a picnic of course!

Complete with the picnic basket we received as a wedding present that we have never used!

Our menu:

Analese: peabutter on rice cake
whole apple, peeled
flourless peanut-butter cookie

Mara: chicken
apple slices
snickerdoodle cookie

Mama: chicken salad on a bed of lettuce
flourless peanut-butter cookie

It was successful! Frowns turned upside down,
if only for a moment.
We clicked our plastic glasses and had lots of cheers.
Lots of giggles, and lots of spills

A very dreary day turned out great (for a little while)


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I don't know why I haven't checked out your daily blog before!! I love your header!

I am so sorry the girls are sick. That makes for a hard day... I know.

The picnic looks like great fun, though! We do that, too, just minus the basket! I don't know where ours is... we got one for our wedding as well - used once. :)

Hope tomorrow is better!

Mama Zen said...

If Analese kept all her food down,
that's all Mama needs to get rid of HER frown!

Julie B said...

Good to see you on here Becky! No, it hasn't been an easy week here!

Mama Zen- so true, so true :)

Chris said...

Looks like a fun lunch! Minus the bad colds....:( So glad to see Analese feeling better, too. Hope the colds fly out of the house quickly.

Jen said...

love the title! :-) what a sweet post and a great idea. you go, mama! glad it gave you a bit of sunshine in the dreary sick day. y'all take care now!

Autumn said...

Oh what a good mama, just the distraction they needed. What is it about picnics? My son loves having picnics, just the other day he said he wished it was spring so we could have a picnic outside. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Lorrie said...

What a great idea and break from your day! Hope things continue to get better (:

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Julie!

Sorry the girls have colds (hope you stay healthy!) but what a fun idea to have a picnic in the living room!

Thanks so much for the kind words you left me yesterday, it really helps to know so many people care. Hope you have a good weekend and continue to improve!