Friday, February 1, 2008

Cold and Dreary Friday

It is a very cold and dreary day outside. We woke up to sounds of sleet hitting our windows, and all I wanted to do was lay in bed and snuggle with the girls.

But of course today would be the day where that just could not happen. I had my OB appointment this morning-the one I had to cancel last Friday, so I really wanted to go. Plus I have been having lots of lower back pain and suspected that I had a urinary tract infection.

Roads were covered in ice and schools were closed. I kept debating back and forth as to whether or not we should venture out in this mess. When I talked to Greg, he told me that the roads were fine, to just be careful.

So we went. Once we were in the car, it was fine. Analese has been having a rough week, so many tears and emotional upsets. She has a cold, but it has gotten much better then earlier in the week. Her mood has just been so, uh, moody! You would think she was the one with the raging hormones. Everything sets her off, and she has been so negative. "I don't like (fill in the blank)" has come out of her mouth so many times, I have decided that she also has to come up with something she does like about whatever she does not like. It's been hard to be consistent with it-as she says it over and over again, but it really seems to help temper her mood when I am. Brainstorming what she likes about something, like Mara's hair, has been a great distraction and helps move us forward.

The doctor's visit went better then I had expected it too. My doctor was out, so the other doctor there was stuck seeing all of her patients and my doctors. So lots of waiting, but the girls and I read books so it was not a problem. Once we got called back and finally into a room, Analese started to get scared. I kept reassuring her, as we had gone over everything that was going to happen, Once the doctor came in, she became more defiant, refusing to sit down on the chair, etc. so I just ignored her so she wouldn't cause too much of a scene.

My appointment went well. I gained another 2 pounds. They told me that I was "severely dehydrated" and that my protein levels were through the roof. I don't know if I agree with the "severely" part, but know I haven't been drinking as much as I should this week. I have an actual due date of July 16th, and I am currently 16w3days. Having so few appointments has really helped move this pregnancy along!

She gave me a slip to get the screening for downs syndrome done, which I declined and she looked at me like I was crazy. I told her it didn't matter,what will be, will be and why stress out about it now. When Mara was born, she had many characteristics of a downs baby, and we had to have genetic testing done in order to find out. It took over a week, and it was such a hard week to endure. It may have been one of the longest weeks of my life. BUT- I never had any doubts about my love for her and knew no matter what the outcome would have been, Greg and I could handle it. It is this knowledge that allows me to turn down all these tests with confidence.

The girls are now fast asleep and I am going to get some much needed studying done! This web design class is freaking me out-is it bad that I got confused just reading the syllabus? And I didn't even understand what programs I needed for this class, and had to google the word "FTP programs" in order to know what it was!

Oh and lastly, I wanted to thank Lizzy for giving me my first blog award! You are very sweet, and it made my day to read all the nice things you said about me! I started this blog as a way to capture stories about my girls and also for me to gain a better perspective about my life. I have been fortunate to also "meet" some great people and read some wonderful blogs :)
I will be passing this award on soon, just need some time to get it all together.

Have a great weekend everyone! We are celebrating Mara's birthday-again, with Greg's family, so we should be pretty busy.

Oh, and one last question....when is it just too late to send out holiday cards? Our "winter cards" are hopefully going out this weekend!


Mama Zen said...

I like your "say something you like" idea. I'll have to try that with my own Little Miss Attitude!

I had a horrible time staying hydrated when I was pregnant. It seemed that no matter how much I thought I was drinking, it wasn't enough. Carry that water bottle!

Autumn said...

I never got the triple screen or whatever that test is called when I was pregnant. I didn't want to stress over it either. Very unlike me, I usually need to know everything right now!!
Congrats on the award and have a good weekend.

Peace is every step said...

I love "winter" cards! Just got the christmas letter from Aunt Sandy:).

I was (and still am) terrible about drinking enough. I need flavor, but not all the sugar. I hate cleaning water bottles too. I finally got enough when I would add a shot or two of juice and butt-loads of ice.

Glad your visit with the doc went well-and congrats on the award!

Lisa said...

16 weeks already???? How is that possible! I say as long as there's still snow on the ground, it's okay to send winter cards out! And, since we got dumped on yesterday, I say you've got plenty of time to get the cards out!
Congrats on the award!

Maja said...

Haha, the few times that my mom managed to send out Christmas cards at all, she considered it a success if she got them out by Valentine's Day. :)

Julie B said...

Maja- I like your mom more and more :)

Lisa-can't believe it either! It has me panicking a bit, as we still have no idea where this baby will even go just yet :) We are thinking that he or she will stay in our room for the first year or so, but still have to figure out where to put a dresser, etc.

Mama Zen- yes, definitely try it. We were pretty consistent with it over the weekend and the "I don't likes" have dropped dramatically!

Autumn-I am usually the same way, needing to know everything. But with all the false positives and knowing we wouldn't do anything either way, why find out?

Peace- I love water, and am not really a juice kind of girl. But lately I have been craving other things, like maybe that will help. I did great over the weekend, but then today...not so!

Jen said...

I have a friend who sends out her yearly cards on valentine's every year. Works well! Better late than never, I say.

Congrats on the award and good dr. visit. And drink up!