Friday, February 22, 2008

We Got Her!

It's funny, I took this photo yesterday to show you how smart this little gal is! She got far enough into the trap to get an apple, but not far enough to set the trap off!

But she was in there this morning! I am so happy, as it is supposed to snow/sleet/rain the next 2 days.
Getting her out of the trap and into the carrier was a bit tough, with her escaping into our garage and Greg having to just pick her up. She is actually pretty tame, showing no fear, and I actually got to pet her.

Tonight she will go into our dog crate, and I am hoping to get to Walmart this morning for some hay and food, with the weather coming, we may have her all weekend. Greg is giving me a hard time about it, but oh well....he is impossible to understand sometimes!


Chris said...

I'm so glad you caught her! Have a great weekend with her. She's a lucky bunny...

Lorrie said...

Yay! Hope this weekend goes ok with her and she doesn't give you too much trouble! You may have trouble getting rid of her on Monday (:

Autumn said...

Hooray! She's one lucky girl to get out of the cold. Now hopefully you can relax a bit and not be so stressed. :) It's not good for you to worry!

Peace is every step said...


Mama Zen said...


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

That's a relief that you caught her! She sure is cute. What do the girls think? I bet they're excited to have her in the garage for the weekend!


Corey~living and loving said... glad to read that you caught her. I had to go back a post to figure out what was going on, but now I understand. I hope you find a good place for her.

Thank you for the really nice comment on my blog tonight. I am glad you chimed in. I hope to post an article next week about how I try to not let MY emotions drive my parenting.

have a great weekend.