Monday, February 4, 2008

Growing Taller

My Analese is always thinking.

I love to just watch her face as she is taking in new information, and now that she is older, hearing her explain this new information in her own words is just priceless.

She has now come to the conclusion that taking a nap will cause her to grow. Every time.

With every nap, she grows taller.

It took me awhile to figure this one out. For the past few weeks she has been asking me to look at her and see how tall she was getting. I never connected it to sleep until a few days ago.

After her nap, she came running down the hall, and throws her hands up in the air with this "ta da!" pose. "I took another great nap!" she said proudly.

Yes, you did. That is great!

"But look at how much TALLER I got in my sleep!" she turns around in a circle so I can really see just how tall she got.

Oh-did you grow while you were asleep?

"YES! Sleeping makes me taller! See? I was standing on my bed to see. I am really tall-that good nap really helped me." She is just so proud of herself, and cannot stop smiling at her own reflection in the glass of our entertainment center.

Then she leans up to me and says "you know, soon I am going to be taller then you Mom!"

Yes, you are probably right about that!

I let out a sigh as she danced around the room. My child is growing up so quickly, in such a hurry to get bigger while I would do anything to keep her small for just a little while longer. I love the innocence that she possesses, her fiery spirit, her enormous heart. I wish I could protect her, to protect these things so special about her.

I know that I cannot. There are some things that I cannot teach her, that only she can learn on her own. I only hope that I can teach her just how important she is-that she will always know what a gift she is to this world.

I love you, my sweet Analese, and I cannot wait to see how much taller you are when you wake up!


Chris said...

What a sweet post. I love Analese's spirit, too. Oh how I wish we were closer.

I, also, love the last picture. Mara's face says it all. :)

Lorrie said...

Ha ha, I burst out laughing at the last picture-adorable! I loved this post and hearing about Analese's growing! (: She is so sweet!

Mama Zen said...

That is so cute! Mine is having a growth spurt, so I'm pretty sure that she IS growing every time she sleeps!

Jen said...

That is darling! I adore the logic of children. It is amazing to see how their minds work.

My Lifesong said...

what sweet imagination, or could it be the truth? I too love Mara's expression, and the pics of Analese.

Peace is every step said...

She is scrumptious. The last picture could have been you (mara) looking at Chrissie (analese). :)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Analese is just precious! She must have heard from someone that our bodies work hard while we're sleeping, apparently growing!

The pictures are so sweet, and I agree with everyone, the last one is just too funny! Was Analese telling a story or something? Mara looks like she's not having any of it!

Glad to hear your doctors visit went well and baby is doing great! (are you sitting there with a water bottle in your hand?) Bottoms up! :)


Lisa said...

Mara cracks me up, that look is priceless!!! Michael's big thing is that he's growing everytime he eats, so all through his meals he constantly wants us to check out how tall he's getting (as he sits straighter in his chair). This age can be so much fun!
PS: check your email, I finally wrote (still haven't updated my blog though...will get to it soon with baptism pics!).