Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday and some changes

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Did you do anything exciting? I spent the weekend as I have spent most weekends...studying. This semester is really killing me with the enormous workload, but knowing it is half over already puts a smile on my face! I am not going to attempt summer classes with the babe coming, so after May 3rd my brain will get a break until September.

On Saturday we took a drive to bring bunny to her new home. I was surprised and relieved that we were able to bring her so quickly. The bunny rescue gave me contact information for a foster family an hour away, and he thankfully got back in touch with me quickly and was very willing to help us. They were a very nice couple, and they told us stories of some other bunnies they had rescued, and some that they were trying to rescue. He was surprised at how tame our little bunny was, and thought she was just as sweet as we did :) She really was, and if we could have, I would have easily kept her. Having raised two rabbits, I know all the work they require and we just do not have the time or space right now.
The girls were OK with everything until it was time to leave. As we were walking back to the car, Mara burst out crying (which in turn set Analese off as well) She kept yelling "bunny back!" over and over again. It was definitely hard for her to understand, at least with Analese we could reason with and explain why we weren't keeping her. I just kept telling Mara how happy our bunny is going to be with 4 other bunnys to play with.

I had mentioned before that we have had some changes occur in our household. I have to admit to being very stressed out lately-stressed with schoolwork, house stuff, and all of the projects that we must do before baby #3 comes. It's all been overwhelming to me. I think the biggest stressor has been the lack of sleep, since I have been up studying until 12-1 every night and then getting up with the girls around 7-7:30. Add the fact that my back has been bothering me at night so the sleep I have been getting hasn't been very, uh, restful.

So one day I decided that things had to change. For all of us. One such change occurred last weekend, when we moved Mara into Analese's room. We have always wanted the girls to share a room, as I believe that it teaches a certain level of cooperation that is important for both girls to learn. Analese has been all about "mine!" lately.."my room", "my toys", etc. etc. and while I know it is age-related, I also wanted to change this.

I was also hoping this will help Mara as well, as she still needs someone with her to fall asleep, and she does so much better sleeping with us. We then plan to turn Mara's old room into their playroom-bringing the playroom from downstairs upstairs. This will allow us to use their old playroom to store furniture and such while we renovate the downstairs. I really hope that Greg is able to start on that soon...he seems to be dragging his feet a bit, but work has also been stressful for him during the week.

Anyway-the move has been so much better then I could have expected. The girls were excited about it, as we kept stressing that we thought they were now old enough to share a room together. Analese was quick to point out how she gets to share a room just like "Mommy and Daddy do".
Here are some pics of the big move:

I still have to do a few more things to finish the room-and the playroom, so I'll post some pictures when I am finished! They are cozy, but haven't seemed to mind (especially with their playroom being just next door).

It's funny, but they have actually been playing so much better these days. Much of it is the age-as Mara is getting older and can participate more in Analese's imaginative play.
The only adjustment we all have had to make is with sleep, as one will frequently wake the other one up. Analese needs a night light and Mara needs complete darkness. So that has been a challenge! But we worked on darkening Mara's side and as much as we could and hopefully she'll adjust. Also-Mara still wants one of us in there as she falls asleep, to which Analese is now the one requesting it :)
So not much sleep-still- in the past week for me, as Analese will wake up from a dream and fall back asleep...but then Mara is now up and I find myself back on their floor at 3 am. I hope this will soon change, as a few more months from now, I may have some issues getting up and down!

So that is one of our changes...I'll try and post more later. Analese is sick with a cold and, as I have mentioned many time before, she does not handle being sick well...such drama :) Mara is currently at the window yelling for bunny. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and an ultrasound tomorrow. Can you believe I will be 20 weeks as of tomorrow? More on that later :)

Have a great Monday :)


Autumn said...

It's great that the girls don't mind sharing a room. It looks so cute, I wouldn't know what to do with pretty girl things it's all dinosaurs and cars in my house.. sigh. Good luck at your appointment and ultrasound tomorrow.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

I'm happy to hear that the whole bunny situation worked out so well! That has to be a load off your mind!

I think the girls sharing a room is a great idea! Especially with the new baby coming, it may make the transition a little easier.

Hope your week goes well and you get some rest. I remember feeling just exhausted when I was expecting. I don't know how you do it! Those are some long days you're putting in!

Good luck at the doctor, it's always fun to get the ultrasound! Hope Analese is feeling better soon, too. Take Care!


Mama Zen said...

I think that the room sharing will make the transition a lot easier, as well.

Remember to take some time to take care of yourself and good luck with the doctor!

Corey~living and loving said...

WOW...Lots of change. I hope they adjust well, and soon it is working smoothly.

Peace is every step said...

I love their cozy girlie room :). We just went from bunkbeds to moving the beds into their seperate rooms. It's going ok, but we adults still end up sleeping in kids rooms by 3AM. At least now we won't hit our heads!

20 weeks!!! I can't believe it.

Lorrie said...

Aww, their room is so cute and they will love sharing a room! I loved sharing a room with my big sister (:
Hope everything went well at the doctor today and can't wait to see ultrasound pictures!

Julie B said...

thanks everyone! The room still has a ways to go, as I still have to figure out where to put a dresser full of clothes in there without the dresser (it won't fit and we plan to use it in our room for the baby) We also need to take the closet door off and hang some curtains Mara keeps getting locked in there :)

Greg keeps saying that if this baby is a girl, he is just going to knock down the wall between the 2 rooms to make it one big room, since both rooms are pretty small. I am not sure about this, as the 4 year age gap will become more noticeable as the girls grow older.

Jen said...

Delighted to hear that the room share is going so well, all considered. And bless your heart for going through all that stress and stuff for the wee bunny!

Hope the dr's appt goes well!!!