Monday, January 28, 2008

The Long Weekend

Thanks for all the well-wishes and hopes for a virus :)

We are still not sure what is up with our child. She spent Friday laying on the couch, feeling pretty miserable. On Saturday she woke up feeling a bit better, still tired and irritable, but up off the couch and moving around. We still wanted her to rest and drink up, as she was probably still a bit dehydrated, so Greg took her to the movie store to pick out some videos to watch.

Anyway, she seemed on the mend Saturday, even asking for and eating up a tuna fish sandwich for lunch, but then not wanting to eat more then her salad for dinner. We didn't push it too much.

Then came Saturday night. It started off a good night, as the girls were both in bed by 8 o'clock-a rare occurrence these days, and I was able to study AND then watch a movie with Greg. Throughout the movie, Analese woke up a few times crying but we were able to get her back to sleep right away. After we went to bed, she continued to keep waking up. She was pretty disoriented every time I went in there, thrashing around and crying. Once I was able to calm her down, she went right back to sleep. This pattern continued throughout the night, and I had counted 8 times of me having to get up. I woke Greg up to go in there once, but he is such a hard sleeper...much faster for me to just go!

Around 4 am the fun began, as Analese began to once again vomit all over her bed. Mara was in our bed by this time, so Greg stayed and helped her back to sleep. I got Analese cleaned up, the bed cleaned up with new sheets and blankets. Analese was really tired and just wanted the light off so that she could go back to sleep. I got her back into bed, and went downstairs to rinse the sheets and get them in the wash. As soon as I got back upstairs and just two feet away from my bed, I heard her throwing up again! Once again, we got everything cleaned up and I took her out to the couch with me. I set the sofa up with towels everywhere, put a bowl next to Analese and we watched some television until 6 am when she was tired enough to go back to sleep. She was really thirsty, but I waited until 7:30 to give her a sip of water. She seemed to do OK with it, so I continued to give her a sip every 15 minutes. But an hour later she threw it all up again.

Anyway, she spent yesterday on the couch once again, very lethargic. She did not vomit anymore, and we continued to get fluids in her. We do wonder whether it really is a virus or her head, as she was pretty disoriented and confused, and very sensitive to light...becoming really upset when the blind was pushed open a bit. I know having a "headache" is a hard concept for a child to understand, so we have been asking her if her eyes hurt, if it hurts to move her head, etc. but couldn't really get a real answer.

So we'll see how today goes! She is still pretty tired, but did eat some of her muffin this morning. I think the only way we'll really know if this is a virus is if one of us also gets it. Not really sure if I want that to happen.


Mama Zen said...

I certainly don't want to be an alarmist, but the disorientation is worrying me. Did the ER schedule a follow-up or anything?

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Analese had an accident and then got sick, poor baby! I kind of feel like Mama Zen, Julie, after a head injury like that, if there is disorientation and throwing up, I'd really be wondering about a concussion. Did they do a CT scan of her head when she went to the ER? If she hadn't had the injury I'd assume it was a virus, too, but the sensitivity to light, etc., that doesn't usually happen with the flu. I don't want to add to your worry, as I'm sure you're doing enough of that on your own.

I certainly hope everything will be alright and Analese will make a quick recovery. Take care and let us all know when you get a chance how things are going, okay?


Julie B said...

thank you both for your concern! That is what is concerning us as well. I have been in frequent contact with her pediatrician, whose answer has been pretty much to just watch her. She seems to be on the mend, having a much better day yesterday...otherwise we were bringing her somewhere to be seen again. She is still pretty sensitive and still having nightmares at night...I think the whole experience has been traumatic for her.
But again, she seems to be on the mend, and started eating and drinking more. Very scary, dealing with head injuries! I hope this is it for us!
Lizzy-she had a CT scan at the hospital and they couldn't see anything, so they told us it was either a concussion or a virus. Real helpful!

Mama Zen said...

I'm so glad that she seems to be on the mend!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Julie!

How are things going for all of you? I hope Analese is continuing to improve and the rest of the family is remaining healthy!

I'm sure you have your hands full, but if you get a free minute to stop by my blog, I have a little something there for you! Take care!


Jen said...

i've been thinking about y'all! so sorry you had such a miserable night of it -- wow! sending you all sorts of healthy vibes.