Friday, January 4, 2008

My Resolutions

So I started a list a few days ago of the things that I would like to work on this year. Some involve things I would like to do as a parent, things I would like to do with my time, things needed to be done around the house.

So, as a parent:

  1. Get the girls-and myself outside. Every day. Rain or shine (as long as it is safe). The girls need it, I need it. We have been really good about getting out until a month or so ago and the tiredness set in. I can already see the affects-we went outside yesterday and it was sooo cold, but we played tag and hide-n-seek and had so much fun!
  2. Get the girls more involved in daily chores. They already help me with laundry, dusting, and general picking up. But I think they are getting old enough for more responsibility, like helping me clean the floors, etc. Things we can all do together, and just have fun with it.
  3. Get us motivated and going earlier in the morning. My girls move so slow-as do I, and we never really get to start anything until 11. I think we could accomplish so much more if we could start our day a bit earlier, like 9-10 o'clock.
For myself:
  1. Bake more. I stopped baking as much with the no gluten thing, because it's tricky finding the right combination of different flours to use. But I need to start again, and get the girls involved as well. We made banana cupcakes today and they were really good.
  2. Take time for myself. That doesn't include school work, house work, or bills. I feel like I have been neglecting myself in this area, as I am usually too tired at the end of the night to do anything. I would like to renew my hobbies-scrapbooking, sewing, even reading for pleasure! I am determined to take one day a week and devote it to my hobbies.
  3. Relax and Just let things be. I tend to be a worrier about things I have no control of.
  4. Take more breaks-and not feel guilty in doing so.
  5. Simplify my life. Get off of mailing lists, get off of email lists on things I don't even look at.
  6. Spend more quality time with Greg. I never want to lose that connection with him, and feel the need to rekindle it before another being enters into this world demanding my attention! It's hard not to feel so "touched out" some days, but I also need to show some understanding to my husband as well :)
  7. Exercise more. I know-everyone says that! I have been having a lot of back pain ever since I threw my back out, and am wondered it will get worse as the baby gets bigger. I am in the search of a prenatal yoga class to take again, and plan to get the girls out walking on our trail once again.
For our House:
  1. Declutter and Simplify. This is huge on our list this year, as we plan to Freecycle a bunch of things we no longer use and is just collecting dust.
  2. Finish our basement. I really have nothing to do with this, unless nag Greg about it. It has to be finished before the baby comes and we completely run out of space.

I am sure I have more floating around in my head, but this is a start!


Lorrie said...

Great resolutions! I am going to add a few of yours to mine as I need to do exactly the same things you mentioned (: Good Luck!