Thursday, January 24, 2008

Check-ups and Boo Boos

We have had a busy week and it looks like we will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Yesterday Mara had her two year checkup yesterday. I was actually looking forward to seeing how much she weighed, as I could feel that she was getting heavier every time I held her. I was disappointed to find out that, now that she is two, they weigh her fully clothed. I asked her if we could weigh her naked in order to have a more accurate weight, but backed down once I saw 2 other families waiting to get weighed...of course I am kicking myself now and plan to call today to see if we just run in and get her reweighed. So anyway, she is now 22 pounds fully clothed, so she probably weighs about 21 pounds or so. She still isn't back on the chart, but doing well on her own chart. I was hoping she would have moved up to zero, but not just yet! She is 33 1/2 inches long, which puts her at the 25% for height.

She needed to get a shot, as we are still playing catch-up since I delayed them all. I had warned Analese beforehand and we had come up with a plan on how she could help Mara feel better by making faces. Well, our plan flew right out the window, as Analese started screaming this high pitched scream as soon as the nurse came in! It was rather comical, for Mara just sat and looked at her. She did cry when she got her shot, which caused Analese to go an octave higher-something I didn't even think was possible at the time! Mara calmed down within minutes....minutes before her big sister did. Fun, fun times :) Do you think that may have been the reason for my headache last night?

Today we had art class, and as we were getting ready to go, Analese came running down the hall and fell into the corner. It was horrible. Her face has a line down it, with bruises and scrapes on her forehead and then her cheek is bruised and swollen. Luckily, she only scraped it as I was expecting to see some big gash on her eyebrow. She still wanted to go to art class, so she iced it the whole way there. Her teacher gave me some natural remedy to put on it, which is hopefully going to help heal it up.
The girls absolutely love their class, and just work quietly the whole time. Today they used paper and glue, with all sorts of materials to use! Both girls really enjoyed using the scissors, which reminded me that we needed some at home! I have been bringing my camera to class, but never have time to pull it the class gets pretty messy.
The girls did not want to leave, and played quietly while I helped their teacher clean up. When it was time to leave, Analese hid under the table because she did not want to leave!

The art teacher is also in the midsts of planning a preschool class, which I am very interested in. She hopes to have a parent meeting next month about it-I am so excited! We keep going back and forth about what to do with Analese next year....this may be an option.

School started yesterday for me, so I have to get back into a schedule with that. I am taking my last Algebra class, and a class on Web Design. The web design class looks interesting, I cannot wait to learn new stuff.

I have my next OB appt tomorrow, so hopefully it will go well! I am attempting to bring both girls by myself, since it should be a quick appointment. Analese has such a fear of doctors, I am hoping we can get through this one with minimal tears. Wish me luck!


Jen said...

whoa! y'all have been really hit with a bunch o' stuff recently!!! poor dears.

for bumps and bruises, we keep arnica gel on hand (from the natural food store) i swear by the stuff.