Sunday, November 4, 2007

Analese the Alien

Sometimes talking to Analese is like talking to someone from another planet.

For weeks, every night at dinner, she would suddenly look at me and say "Mom, your supposed to be looking for birds, NOT COOKIES!!"

Oh, how she laughs. We do not get it. We have tried to figure it out, but it appears that it will forever be a joke made exclusively for one.

I am actually reminded of those clips they show you in psych class about the man who developed a language disorder in which the words that flow out of his mouth make absolutely no sense. Just complete jibberish.

That is my Analese.

It is truly so wonderful to be able to get a glimpse of what is going through her mind.

Wonderful and yet.... scary. It's mind-boggling to try and keep up with!

Yesterday at lunch she was telling me about her trip to the store with daddy. I asked her what she saw.
"I saw lots of pumpkins. Mommies, and little babies....but no Daddies! They were all still at work." Oh? What were the pumpkins doing?

"They were hungry and looking for spiders". Huh? Pumpkins eat spiders? She nods her head. Do they taste good?

"I don't eat spiders. PUMPKINS eat spiders. They eat spiders and play games". What games do they like to play?

"They like to play the Ladybug game. Yeah, they do"
She nods to herself. Mara, who had been sitting quietly and listening, lets out a loud growl. Analese growls back.

"Yes, bears. I am not Analese, I am a bear. Can you give me more fish? Us bears have to get ready for the PARTY! The party in the pink van. Mommy, do bears drive?" She cocks her head to the side, as she is now in "thinking mode".

Greg shakes his head which Analese then asks him why he's saying no, and what is he saying no to. I laughed and said "She doesn't miss a beat, does she?"

Analese's eyes lit up. "I AM NOT GOING TO THE BEACH!!"


Peace is every step said...

So cute! I love nonsense talk--and quit looking at those birds silly!

Lisa said...

For the longest time Michael was calling everyone "back door", and would laugh hysterically everytime he did it. We never did figure out where it came from or what it was supposed to mean, but he got a kick out of it. It's so fun to see their little personalities coming out. I'll admit that I feel a little better knowing that you are having the same conversations with Analese, makes me feel a little more sure that Michael is normal!!!

Mama Zen said...

Sounds like some of the conversations I have at my house!

Julie B said...

that is so funny Lisa! I have the giggles now thinking of it.."hey back door, thanks back door..." :)-
Maybe they just like the look on people's faces when they say it, so they continue to? Who knows what really goes on in that head of theirs.....

Following Forward said...

so funny!...and if you want to give me Analese's spot at the beach, I'll take it!! :)

Jen said...

ROTFL! that's great!!! I bet she'll love having such a precise record of this stuff someday :-)