Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The long weekend

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a good time. We went to Greg's aunt's house this year. It was quiet this year, with only one of his four sisters there and one out of his three cousins. Usually we are piled in, clamoring for space! So it was a bit different this year.

I can honestly say I am just not comfortable with other people cooking food that Mara is going to eat. There are just too many variables that you have to look out for, and its hard to explain it to someone who doesn't really understand allergies to begin with. Everyone kept reassuring me that the turkey was "safe", telling me over and over that they didn't use anything on the turkey-only canola oil. I relented and said OK, we would eat it. Imagine my surprise to walk into the kitchen as they were scooping gluten-filled stuffing out of the turkey! Oh- they hadn't thought about the stuffing.... Luckily Greg and I were on the same page and he had them separate the turkey slices that were furthest away from the stuffing so that we could eat.

I worry that sometimes I sound a bit too paranoid with this food thing, but Mara is finally doing well-eating and growing, and the last thing I want is to relive those months where she wasn't. I also have hopes that someday she will outgrow at least some of this, and avoidance is the best way to achieve this so her tummy can heal and her immune system can strengthen.

Anyway- the rest of the weekend was spent studying while Greg ran around with the girls. This is my last week of school, with finals next weekend. I cannot wait to be finished, just to be able to breathe and relax a bit, but these next few days are going to be tough.


Mama Zen said...

Love your new header!

As for paranoia, in the same circumstances, I would probably take the term to a whole new level! I totally understand why it would be nerve wracking to let someone else cook for Mara.

Peace is every step said...

I was wondering where you've been!!

I ditto mama zen, I would be a lunatic if we were in the same food situation. I remember how crazy I got when someone fed my kids some table food before they were eating solids. It wasn't pretty.

We had a good visit with the family, but it wasn't the same without you! And my little girl was sick with dad at Shawn's mom's.But secretly it was AWESOME to be able to sit and have conversations without a toddler pulling at me. :)

Toadee said...

there is no such thing as to careful.
I remember eating out and ordering a plain chicken breast for my wife only to realise it was listed on the info sheet as containing gluten. I asked if this was a typing error and wa stold that the chicken is injected with wheat starch to bulk ot out and to improve the texture AND RGIS WAS ADVERTISED AS PLAIN AND FRESH!

Jen said...

Beautiful new picture! (though I really loved the "old" one, I have to say ;-)

I think you're to be congratulated for being so serious about something that IS serious. Very serious. I'm glad you have your partner's support, and I hope the gluten didn't end up causing a problem!!!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

When it comes to the well being of your daughters no one can protect them like you can, you shouldn't feel guilty about that. Mara is depending on you and your husband to look out for her, even though others are well intentioned, they may not realize something could be so dangerous for her. Good luck with your finals, hope you can relax when they are over!

My Lifesong said...

You and Greg are doing the best for Mara, and hopefully, in time, she will be able to eat without the worry of allergic reactions. Life is so attached with food, esp. any type of gathering, that it is so difficult to control. But, from a outsider's viewpoint, they try to understand your situation, though their knowledge of what's in foods are limited to almost everyone, and they think they're doing the right thing by Mara. Just keep up the fight for her health, and be patient with others who don't know the whole ins and outs of allergies. Love the new picture.

Lorrie said...

Love the new picture, but like Jen, I really loved the old one, too (: It is great that your relatives are trying to do the right thing by Mara, but until you have to deal with allergies first hand you don't always catch everything. I'm glad you could eat some of it and had a nice holiday (:

Julie B said...

thanks everyone! Sometimes I wonder if I sound like a complete nut, since I feel like the subject of food is always coming up...

I realize that everyone else is not going to know what is safe, and what isn't. I don't expect them to at all. That's my whole point. It's hard to constantly keep turning people down when they insist that Mara can eat something. Even if the food is safe, being out on a table with lots of people digging into it-the chance of cross-contamination is so high. I am more aggravated with myself for giving in, as I know people are just trying to be helpful.

Toadee-its amazing what gluten is in, isn't it? Even spices have gluten in it...we have found that if it doesn't not say "gluten-free" we do not use it.

Thanks for the comments on the photo-it was hard to get rid of the last one as it was my favorite too :)