Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Folding Laundry

I used to hate folding laundry. Well, I still cannot say that I love it.

But it has gotten much better.

Before I would wait until the girls are asleep and sit on the couch, folding clothes and placing them into piles all around me. I would then have to gather up all my piles and place them back into the basket to wait until they can be put away in the morning.

But I now have two helpers.

I sit on the floor next to the basket and take a few things out at a time. Fold it up, and place it lovingly into the outstretched arms of one of the two eager girls standing before me.

I give them the command "Pajamas, in pajama drawer" and off she goes.....

As I continue folding, I can hear the loud banging of drawers, and then the swishing of feet coming back towards me.

"Pants...bottom drawer"

Off she goes. We go through all of the basket. It takes awhile, longer then if I were to do it at night. But I have two proud faces staring at me, so proud to be helping mama.

I know that there will come a time when folding laundry with mom will not be a highlight of their day, or fun at all, for that matter. So I will take this time we have and enjoy it.

Plus I then have my own excitement of playing "where did you put your clothes?" as our little Mara has set up her own system as to where she thinks her clothes should go. Sometimes they are just piled into one drawer, sometimes I'll find shirts in the bathroom, jammies in her bed, pants in her with her toys....

And she is just so proud :)


Mama Zen said...

It's so worth the extra time it takes! You've reminded me that I need to take that extra time a little more often.

Lorrie said...

What great helpers! I can' wait until Sawyer is out of the "grab the folded clothes and throw them on the floor super fast before mommy stops me" phase! (:

tiny morsels said...

Brilliant! I wonder if I could get Wookie to put away her own clothes? Or her dad's for that matter?

Julie B said...

exactly! My next plan is to teach them how to put MY clothes away, as I am horrible about that.

Following Forward said...

I can't wait for Aven to help. I hate folding laundry...the putting away part is the worst! :)

Jen said...

OOOOH! I hate folding laundry too! I'll joyously look forward to a time when mine might be willing/able to help, but it's quite some time off!