Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Terror Cat

Pebbles has always been a one-owner cat. With me, she is a wonderful, cuddly ball of fur.

When she was a kitten, Pebbles was THE friendliest cat. When we first got to the rescue group, she came over to me and then refused to leave. Yes-she picked me, not the other way around. She had even took to climbing onto a nearby table and leaping into my lap. I was sold.

At home, she was a people cat. She always had to be around people. When I eventually moved to my own apartment after living with two other roommates, Pebbles was extremely lonely. My landlord (who lived upstairs) told me she meowed all day while I was at work.

When Pebbles was around a year old, we suspected that she had a bladder infection had to spend a few days at the vets so that they could get a urine sample. Imagine my surprise to receive a phone call from the tech, telling me that "my cat isn't very nice", going on about all the trouble she was putting them through.

As the years have gone by, this is a side we have come to know well. She is just so unpredictable-she'll rub up against you but hiss if you reach down to pet her. It has to be all on her terms, all the time. With me, she is great.
With others-especially children, she will allow you to pet her but suddenly lash out when she has had enough with no warning given. Many of our friend's children have been scratched, and Pebbles now has a permanent spot in our basement when we have visitors.

Greg and I were somewhat concerned as to how she would handle the girls getting into her face, but I could see a special bond form between Analese and her when Analese was just a small babe.

Still-I have been teaching the girls to be mindf
ul of Pebbles, giving her the respect and space she needs.

Today I walked into the living room and found this:

Poor Pebbles, covered in necklaces by two very busy girls. Although I do not know if "poor" would be the right word, as she appeared to be enjoying every minute of it!

It appears our "terror cat" has developed a very soft heart for two special little girls.

That and a love for accessories!


Lisa said...

Thanks Julie! I just hopped on here on my lunch hour (between dropping off Adam's lunch and unloading the groceries I'd picked up) and got a little laugh at your post! Too funny! I'm not at all a cat person but the pic made me smile! I'm glad that she likes the girls, it's always a worry when you have a pet.

Mama Zen said...

To quote my daughter, who is sitting in my lap, "how precious!"

Peace is every step said...

What a cutie-and she doesn't look tortured at all, seems like she is just where she wants to be.

Our "Grunty" is the best kid cat too. He loves to ride in N's stroller and doesn't seem to mind too much when N carries him by the neck :).

Jen said...

Aww! Pebbles sounds a lot like my beloved Chance, who passed away before we had kids. She chose me, too, and could be a total sweetie but had that horribly unpredictable side. That's so wonderful that Pebbles is so good with the kids.