Thursday, November 8, 2007

Speech Evaluation

We had Analese's speech evaluation done this morning. It was basically a meeting to go over the previous assessments and discuss what they now want to do about it. Surprisingly, Analese had about 20 or so "errors" in her speech, although many are very normal at this age. She does substitute p for many letters-s, sh, f, v, th, and f for t, and g for d.

We begin speech therapy next week, and it will be every week for 30 minutes. Therapy will take place at the school and Mara can come too as long as she cooperates. (Let's hope she does! I have no idea what I will do if I cannot bring Mara with me...)

The therapist is very nice and I know Analese will do great with her. So we'll see how it goes!

On another note, we went to a playgroup yesterday where there were lots of children running around. The girls had a great time, but as I was putting them into their carseats I noticed that Mara's face had broken out into a rash. When we got home, I found that it had spread all over her neck, chest and upper back. So who knows what is going on there. I know she didn't eat anything she shouldn't, but my thought is that she had sat at the table to eat her snack and its possible that there was something there we couldn't see.

Sigh...never a dull moment!


Mama Zen said...

Don't you wish that you could have a dull moment every once in a while?

Hope that Mara's OK!

My Lifesong said...

Dad is experiencing hives, and a rash, too, and we haven't figured out what is causing it. Hopefully, it will resolve itself now that she is away from the playgroup. Still, what is causing that? I'm sure you'll see an improvement in Analese's speech with the sessions. It's surprising how quickly they respond to the classes.

Peace is every step said...

I bet it feels good to have a plan for Analese--I hope it works out to have Mara come with you each week. I hope Mara gets over the rash quickly.
My friend Stacy has such dramatic food issues that literally a crumb or a microscopic food particle can send her into hives and poop stuff.
I guess Mara is bound to run into it sooner or later just being a kid & around other little people. Doesn't make it easy, does it?

Julie B said...

Mara's rash has been going away today and she had some yucky poops today so I think she was in contact with something...I just have to be even more careful next time.

Mama Zen- thanks!

Mom-has Dad been to an allergist? Greg's mom has developed a bunch of allergies in the past few years so it may be possible that he's developing some new ones.

Danielle-I was worried it was something like that, and the poop seems to indicate that as well.
Yes-it does feel good to finally have a plan for Analese, I think it will go well. She told me some of the things she plans to do, which I think Analese will like (like games which involve looking in the mirror :) )

Jen said...

fingers crossed that Mara cooperates!!! I'll look forward to hearing about Analese's progress. That's such a bummer about the rash... glad it's clearing up.

Toadee said...

My youngest son was sent for speech therapy which he really enjoyed as it was all made into a game. He mentioned just the other day how much he misses it!

It's so hard watching the food for cross contamination isn't it and yet we take risks to allow them to integrate fully.

Julie B said...

Toadee- I have a feeling Analese is going to love it as well. She had her first session today, and it went really well.

yes-the food allergy things is tough. I feel like we can never get too comfortable because thats when something like this happens. Hopefully she will outgrow some of this, and make life a bit easier on her.