Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vegging out

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I have actually been spending the past few days just vegging out on the's been really nice! Yesterday I even sat and watched television while the girls were napping, something I never do. It's been very much needed. I feel like I haven't had a nice "break" for so long. This has been a difficult semester for me, trying to balance my school time with kid time and family time. During the day, my time is with my girls. I do not study unless they are sleeping, as I feel that being with them is my "job" and I do not think they should lose that time with me. Plus-to be honest- I wouldn't be able to get anything done even if I tried!

Saturday was a long day. I was up at 5:30, out the door by 6:30. I got into my exam an hour before it began in order to study and unwind a bit from driving. I wasn't in there for more then 5 minutes when my eyes began to water, and my nose became runny. I started sneezing constantly, it was so frustrating! I have been taking Clariton in order to break up the fluid in my ear and to get a handle on my allergies, but whatever it was causing this reaction obviously got passed it! I had brought about a half roll of tissue with me-just in case, and had them all used up within 15 minutes after my test has began. It was awful. This sounds so gross, but I ended up having to squish wet tissues together in order to use them, as my nose was a complete faucet! I had to take my glasses off a couple times and wipe them, as mt eyes were watering nonstop. Fun, fun, fun. Of course, my fellow test-mates had to listen to me sniff every five seconds as well!
I can honestly say that the test did not go so well. It was Algebra, and I couldn't remember formulas, etc. With all that was going on, I just got to the point where all I wanted to do was get out of there! So let's just cross your fingers that I passed the class, as the test was 40% of my grade.
The second test-my Ethnic Minorities class, went much better, and I was in a different room and my allergies didn't bother me as much. It feels so good to be done!

My back is feeling much better now. Yesterday was the first day that I could walk straight and not be in constant pain. The girls have been laying in bed with my in the morning and watching their shows while I ice my back, which seems to be helping (and they love the snuggle time). My back is so frustrating. Greg and I were in a car accident almost 10 years ago, and I really messed my back up. Now I can sneeze and throw it out. Want to know how I messed it up this time? I sat down for breakfast. That's it. As soon as I sat down, I felt pain going up and down my back and when I went to get up, I couldn't without severe pain. Yikes.

Greg had quite the adventure with the girls. I haven't left them in awhile, and I don't think I had ever left Mara for this long. They were quite upset when they woke up and I wasn't there. I had tried preparing Analese a few days before, but she got very anxious, telling me-no, screaming at me, how scared she was going to be without me. She kept insisting that she was coming with me, and even woke up crying one night, telling me she was coming to school with me!
But they got through the day, and were very happy to see me. I knew Greg was stressed when I heard him giving the girls empty threats like, "Put the crayon on the table, or I'll take all the crayons away for good"...things that do not normally come out of Greg's mouth! So it was a good lesson for them all, as he told me I have the patience of a saint. I just think when you don't have the kids day in and day out, you can sometimes forget to pick your battles, let some things slide, and, most importantly, the kids will feed off of your energy. Get stressed and they get stressed.

Anyway, I am off to veg once more on the couch before heading off to bed! Hope your all having a good week!


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Glad for you that your finals are over with, now you can spend time with your family and relax! I know how you feel about Algebra, makes me kind of nervous just thinking about it! :) I too, have bad allergies and have tried numerous medications. Claritin-D did nothing for me, Allegra-D was okay for awhile, but then didn't work anymore, and I am currently taking Zyrtec-D which was like a miracle! Truly, I think I heard angels singing, it made such a difference for me and my symptoms! I don't know what is different about it than the others, but whatever I'm allergic to responds to it so much better. Now I've written you a novel, and a boring one at that, sorry! :) Take care!

Peace is every step said...

I was wondering what happened to you!!!

I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing at your running faucet nose. I know it must have been horribl--but the image!!! :) Get yourself a netti pot for the ear fluid, it is amazing how much junk it can get rid of, I've heard it's great for allergies.

Have you been to a chiropractor or other body work professional? Sounds like you need some major adjustment.

Glad your tests are over. I'm glad all I've got is paper-writing. I'd much rather write a 20 pager than do a test.

Welcome back Cotter.

Julie B said...

yeah, the visual wasn't pretty, let me tell you! When I went to turn my test in, he looked at me kind of funny so I headed for the bathroom (needed more tissues anyways :) ) My entire nose and all around it was bright, bright red! My eyes were red and's funny now that it's over :)
I do use a saline solution for my nose, but I don't have the neat netti pot, I just use a nose syringe. And I used to go to a chiropractor a few years ago when I fell while pregnant...Greg and I were just talking about me going back to see him. It's just tough since it isn't cheap.

Lizzy- I may have to switch to Zyrtec if I can't get a handle on these allergies! I hate using anything, and went off of all meds a few years ago and used tylenol allergy medication on rough days. But now it's looking like I need something regularly again. I tried the Clariton-D and it got me all jittery and I couldn't sleep. The Clariton doesn't seem to be working at all. Anyway, now I have written a novel :) Thanks for the advice!