Sunday, December 2, 2007

Have a good week!

I will be busy studying for my final this Saturday, so I am checking out until then! My goal is to spend lots of time wearing the girls out in the AM so that naps may actually happen and I get some much needed studying in. Wish me luck!

After Saturday, my brain can finally take a much needed rest. I feel like I have been losing brain cells daily with all this studying...yesterday Mara showed me her spoon, and I said "Oh, what color is your spornge?" Translation: I meant to say spoon and yes, her spoon was orange.

Yup, I am losing it.

I haven't been feeling well either, with all the mold in the air, my allergies have been going nuts and really messing with my stomach. Every time I start to gag, Analese says "Ok, Mom let's go to the bathroom", and she rubs my back as I am bent over the toilet. I even threw up on her foot, and my little sweetie goes "it's OK! We can just clean it up...though that was really yucky Mommy"

This morning she came into the living room and asked me if I was thirsty. I wasn't, but she was just too sweet to resist, so I nodded my head. She then asks "Ok, would you like juice or water?" and goes into the kitchen and asks Greg for a glass! She let him pour it but insisted on bringing it out to me, and rubbed my head as I drank it.

All this lets me know I must be doing something right!

Have a great week everyone!


Mama Zen said...

Sounds like you've got a sweet little caretaker there!

Good luck on your final!

Peace is every step said...

What's with the mold?!?!?

Sounds like we have the same word-jumble gene---I think all us mamas in the family got it :).

Analese is so sweet.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Aaaawww...that's so sweet! What a good little helper you have. Hope you're feeling better soon! I've never heard of mold causing vomiting, usually just sneezing, etc. You poor thing! Good luck with the exams.

Julie B said...

I am all stuffed up, so every time I sniff, it drains down into my stomach....I have the weakest stomach!
I had actually gone to the doctors last week for an ear ache (after trying to treat it myself for a few weeks), which ended up being just fluid in my middle ear...thats when my doctor told me that this has been the worst time for mold sufferers, as its at its highest its ever been around here! We have had so much warm weather, and we really need a couple good freezes to get rid of it.

Thanks for all the well wishes!!