Friday, August 31, 2007

Change is in the air!

We had a busy day yesterday. I took the girls to a new playgroup, and we ALL had a good time!
As I told Greg, it was so nice to have conversations that flowed so was just so easy to be there. It is often difficult to find a perfect match for both you and your children. Yes, it is a playgroup, so the emphasis should be placed on your child and their social environment. BUT, it is also an important part of my social environment as well! Spending a couple hours a week with people that view things very differently can be difficult at times. I have tried it, and found that surrounding myself with those with similar parenting beliefs brings a certain peace in my life. However, I have also come to realize that practicing the same parenting style does not guarantee an automatic friendship. Having a good time yesterday made me realize how much fun I wasn't having at our normal playgroup. I should not have to put so much effort into trying to make something work for me, and I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to move on. What is proper etiquette for quitting a playgroup? I have to think about this one......

So the Fall will bring about some changes in our daily life. The playgroup I went to yesterday will meet several times a month, and I am in the process of coordinating an "older children's playgroup" within a natural parenting group I belong to. It will be for children aged three and above with siblings included. Many of the siblings are around Mara's age so it seems like it will work perfectly! We are also getting involved in another playgroup that will meet every Friday, so yes-we will be busy! I think the girls will enjoy them, and if they do not, we'll just cut back. It really is that simple :)
I start school again next Tuesday, so another big change for us. I had planned to take just a short break after Mara was born...that short break was 2 years! It is not something I regret, it is a choice I made and it is what it is. Until we were able to get a grasp on Mara's food and weight issues, I knew that I couldn't focus on anything else. I only have three classes left to graduate. The biggest regret I have is not taking the required math class earlier! Now I have to take College Algebra, before I take Statistics, before I can then take my final Psychology class....sigh. I have to remind myself that this degree will not be put to use for some time, so it really does not matter when I complete it. It is important for me to be with the girls right now-it is a choice I make wholeheartedly and am thankful for every day.

Greg's parents came over last night to visit the girls (and us too, but mostly the girls!) Analese and Mara enjoyed showing them ALL of their toys and just really enjoyed the undivided attention they receive. That's what Grandparents are for, isn't it? The girls also received a special gift-an outdoor table and chairs set. It is really cute, the table has an umbrella in the middle of it for shade. I am sure we will be eating our lunch out there today :) The girls were in bed very late, so now I am enjoying some extra mommy-time while Mara is still asleep and Analese is playing in her room.