Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance..

We finally got Analese signed up for ballet classes, which she has been talking about ALL summer. We're still not sure where she even learned that such classes exist. You would think that signing her up would be a simple, easy process.....not for me! I deliberated for days about which dance company to go with. One seemed pretty strict on their policies about the girl's appearance during class (I was to use hairspray every week to keep her hair in place!) and they did not allow parents to watch the class. We did not like this at all, especially since this class will be Analese's first "alone class" without us! So we decided to go with the other company, even though it is a bit more expensive. They have a huge window so that we can wait outside and watch her. I just want to see how she is interacting, if she's participating, etc. Plus if I see what the teacher is doing, it will us something to talk about!

I think little sister is going to have the hardest time with it all. Being stuck out in the lobby when her big sis is inside dancing is not going to be fun for her. I have to think of something to bring to keep her somewhat occupied during the 30 minute class. I hope to sign her up for a mommy and me gymnastics class on Saturdays, which should be fun!

So last night we went to the open house at the dance studio to meet Analese's teacher. She seemed very nice, "overly nice" as Greg put it, but of course that's her job. Analese giggled and put her hands in her mouth the whole time. We were able to buy her ballet shoes, but they were out of her size for leotards so I have to go back tonight. Both girls loved the full mirror-and stood there lifting up their shirts while we talked :)

So it was a good experience, only building up more excitement in Analese for ballet! She cried when she found out she wasn't dancing last night, and cried when we left the studio. Class starts next Thursday-I can't wait!


Peace is every step said...

Wow, hairspray for 3 year olds?!?!?! I think it was wise to turn and run from that dance studio!
I feel any "class" for this age should just be focused on fun--not even necessarily any techniques.
I'm excited to see how it goes for future references for my own booty shakin baby:).

Julie B said...

yes-the hairspray was a deal-breaker for me, especially when I am trying not to use it on myself these days :)
The funny thing is-the class they had sounded PERFECT! It was a creative movements class, having the children explore dance while using their imaginations. The key focus was to build self-confidence.
Yes- we are not expecting too many plies' after this class! Our main objective is for Analese to become a bit more comfortable in a social environment without us being right there. Dancing is her #1 interest right now, so that is why we chose a dance class.