Friday, August 31, 2007

Lazy Friday

I love days like today, nowhere to go, nothing to do...

We spent the morning outside. The girls ran around out back, trying hard to play with Durango.
Poor Durango didn't know what to do, having two of his toys being thrown at him at the same time!

I really enjoy the times when I am able to just sit back and watch the girls play. I am really not able to do it often enough..usually the time they are playing gently is the time to get stuff done! They really do seem to connect when they are outside. There are no toys to fight over, rooms to invade, crayons to steal. Having the freedom to just run and explore brings about such a's nice to just sit back and watch.

Mara is all about the slide these days. She is determined to climb up and slide down all by herself, and becomes so frustrated when her body doesn't quite do what she wants it to! She kept getting half-way up and slipping down. It took all my energy not to go and help her, but seeing her face when she did make it to the top told me that I did the right thing. She was so proud! The slide is small and pretty fast-she always did a couple rolls at the bottom which caused her to cry out....cry out as she headed back to do it all over again!

Analese spends much of her outside time looking for her "bug friends". She is constantly showing me the ant crawling on her shirt, telling me that "she has a little friend". Today was no different, only today she had to rescue her friends from the pool. She spent at least 10 minutes trying to rescue this poor beetle who was taking a swim. Every time she would scoop him up, she would turn the shovel down as she lifted him up, causing him to go back into the pool. I came over to watch, and she said quickly "I got him, I got him Mom". So I sat back and watched her attempt for a few more minutes, until it came to her to use a bucket instead of a shovel. She got to become a bug rescuer after all :)
Oh- and yes, Analese is wearing her skirt inside out today. She put her skirt on all by herself, and I wasn't about to steal her thunder :)-


Peace is every step said...

Oh, I love a lazy day too!! I have to say this is the biggest area of Daddy jealousy I have. Just to let the day do what it will. Your girls are lucky to have such an easy going life: can you imagine having to get them up early and take them to daycare & try to get enough energy not to scream at them at the end of the day? We are lucky to be able to do what we do.

Julie B said...

yes-we are both very lucky! It's funny, when I first started working in a childcare facility, I thought I would definitely put my children in one. They learn social skills-which is true, but eventually I was able to see what their parents missed out on during the day. I remember this little boy rolling around everywhere for almost 2 weeks before he finally did it at home (we never let Mom know he was doing this so she could be the "first") So, again-I do feel very blessed to have these moments right now :)