Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A day in the life of Me-Wednesday

Once again, my day begins around 4 or so, and Rose wakes up on and off from then on. I am blessed, as she goes to sleep around 9 and wakes up for the first time around four. I have never had a baby sleep for so long-if I wasn't stuck studying every night I would be pretty rested!

The girls woke up around 7:30, and I got up once Greg was ready for work. Rose slept on peacefully...I am so jealous!

I found the girls watching "Curious George" and drinking their milk:

Both are still so tired. Mara is up every day around 7:30, and usually wakes up Analese before she is ready to get up.

Mornings are usually the only time they get to watch television, and I think that's what forces Analese out of bed.

On Wednesdays have Analese's speech class every other week, and I am so thankful it's an off-week this week. It's so nice to have a break from activities mid-week, and I was hoping to get some much-needed cleaning done.

Mara is always my helper when its time to cook. It's hard on me, as it takes twice as long and I am usually trying to make things as fast as I can before Rose wakes up. BUT-I was also know that this time won't last.......

She's got a mouthful of dates in her mouth-one of the main reasons she loves to cook with me :)

While breakfast is cooking, the girls help me clean out the dishwasher. I love that they love to help me.

Rose is now up, so the cycle of diaper changing and nursing begins! Rose is such a heavy wetter, and since you change more often with cloth diapers...I change about 10-12 diapers every day. She is still nursing about every 1 1/2-2 hours as well, so these two things are a BIG part of my day :)

After breakfast, the fun begins! Both girls are still tired, so there is lots of this:


Oh and we can't forget this:

Mara is usually crying because she got hurt, falling into something. Either that or Analese hurt her. On days when they are both tired, its usually the latter.

Analese is my sensitive child and Mara feeds off of it. By simply not answering her, Mara has the ability to produce a screaming, crying, hysterical sister

She loves this power.

Mara refused to get dressed this morning, so instead of making it a battle, I just left her alone until she was ready.

Two hours later, she finally was.

The day was quickly getting away from us, but I was still determined to try and get something done!

So I let the girls wash the kitchen floor while I cleaned the living room. This is their favorite thing to do. i just add a bit of vinegar to a bowl of water and they are set:

See how clean it looks? The best was when Greg came home and I whispered to him to notice the floor. they were so excited that he noticed!

This completely wiped them out, even more then before!

Taking turns holding the baby. Poor Rose, she is such a trooper!

The girls decided that naps were not necessary this afternoon, and although I disagreed, i refuse to fight it. Analese is outgrowing her need for a nap, and Mara just refuses to without her sister. It makes our evenings so difficult-filled with so many tears, but I am not one to force them to nap. It's too stressful on all of us.

So the girls got to watch "Thumbelina", just in order for them to rest their bodies in some way!

This picture of Analese makes me smile. It was chilly outside, so I suggested to Analese that she might want to put something else on.

She did.


Mara read some books before joining Rose and I in the rocking chair. Lots of cuddle time for me!

As soon as Greg came home, I took off to the bedroom in order to get some early studying done. Sort of my payoff for having the girls Tuesday night while he goes out to play pool :)

I stay up studying until 12. The it's yogurt time and I am off to sleep!


Lorrie said...

First of all, I love Mara's hair-did she get it cut recently? The pictures of the three girls crying made me burst out laughing, sorry.... You have your hand full (: I can only imagine the teenage years! What classes are you taking now? If it were me, sleep would win over studying any day (: I love seeing your days, keep going!! (:

Julie B said...

yes, she just got her hair cut a few weeks ago. it's a bob and soo cute!

I am taking statistics and an advanced web design class-both are so much work. Only one left to go after this!

Chris said...

I just loved seeing those pictures. I, too, couldn't help but laugh. I know it's hard to laugh when you are amongst the crying, but to me it's hilarious, and oh so cute. :)
I wish I could experience your girls emotions first hand. It looks like such an interesting day. hee hee
I'm with Lorrie--sleep over studying any day!
Keep up those posts....LOVE THEM!

Maja said...

Wow, yes, I can't believe you are able to manage school with your girls! Up until midnight studying... yikes. I admire you, that's for sure!

And I totally cracked up at the angry/ sad photos. :)

It's so good to have you posting again! I've missed your blogs!