Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day in the Life of ME-Tuesday

So my sister started this idea last week, where she started posting about the daily events in her life. My other sisters began to do this and I have really enjoyed reading them! It's always hard to stay connected when distance is a factor and you get caught up in your own daily life....

So, anyway, last week I began taking photos throughout the day and I am hoping this week I'll be able to post them!

Always a week behind.....

Rose wakes me up around 4 to nurse. I was up studying until 1, so this is somewhat dream-like for me. She usually doesn't wake me up by crying-more squirming and grunting. I turn the television on to wake myself up a bit, change her diaper and feed her. I used to always watch "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" or "Rosanne" at this time, but I have now discovered that "Without a Trace" is on at this time, and I am happy :) Yes, the simple things....

Anyway, Rose nurses on and off for the next couple of hours. Mara wakes us up promptly at 7:15 by screaming at the top of her lungs. Greg jumps up to get her and I get to snuggle with Rose a few more minutes while he gets ready for work.

7:40 Time for me to get up, leave Rose sleeping and join the girls out in the living room. The first thing on my mind?

My coffee. It's a must, although its more of a psychological thing because I very rarely drink more than a 1/2 cup these days. My first goal in the morning is to at least get a sip in before Rose wakes up!
So Rose wakes up...I change her diaper, nurse her some more and then begin to attempt breakfast for the girls. My fingers are crossed that Rose will sit in her bassinet long enough for me to get things together!

"Not in her face Mara" I will repeat this at least 50 times today! Poor, poor Rose. She is so loved!

9:00 I am on the phone with this new nature center that opened up. We went to the "Great Mother Earth festival" on Sunday and found out about this Nature and Arts program that would be perfect for Analese. It's all about getting children back into nature. They have circle time, music, go hiking, have a story and puppet show. Oh and art! Just perfect for Analese.

So anyway, I get her enrolled into the program and we have to be there in 2 hours. we are supposed to have class at their reggio program on Tuesdays, so i have to call and tell them we won't be there. As much as I love the program, it hasn't worked out great for Analese. She is the oldest one there, and they decided to put Mara back into her class, which is really tough for me. Now, instead of dropping Analese off for class, which was the original plan, I have to stay from 1-3 with the girls. It's very draining for me, hard for Mara with no nap, hard for Rose...its just tough.

So anyway, I struggle with getting the girls dressed, bags packed and out the door in time to meet the educational assistant at the center at 12:30. The girls are less then cooperative! Analese has begun to stress about the "all by herself" part of the class, wondering what I was going to be doing while she was in class. I tried to downplay it with her and play it up with Mara, who was already telling me how much she was going to miss her sister :)

So we get to her classroom. It's cute, pretty small but set up nice. Analese has her own cubby, which she loves. we meet her teacher, who is very bubbly and I can tell Analese is going to be comfortable with her. She takes Analese's hand and brings her over to circle with a few other children. Analese sits down and as I turn to leave, she runs over and whispers "Mommy, I need hugs and kisses" just melted my heart...

So, another reason I was excited about this class was that it would give me a chance to spend some alone time with Mara. I feel like she has been really needing me lately, and its been tough with Rose and studying, etc. I had visions of us being able to hike the trails, talking, laughing, bonding....

Instead I got this. Yes, she looks happy there, but she was such a STINKER!

She refused to move once she saw the picnic tables.

"I tarvin!" was all I heard, in her ultra whiny voice.

I tried to motivate her, showing her the chipmunks that were running around everywhere. Nope, she didn't care.

Sigh. what can you do?

We opted to take silly photos of ourselves while Rose slept. We had some snacks, ad played in the nature center. So , we did get to spend some time together, and that's all that matters!

Analese was exhausted when we picked her up, but she was very happy. She talked the whole way home, telling me about the dam they tried to build, the lobster the painted, etc.

Mara was asleep two minutes after we got into the car.

It's Greg's night out to play pool, so he was home early-thankfully! He made "breakfast dinner" while I tended to Rose and tried to keep the peace with two tired girls.

After dinner, he got the girls ready for bed and ready them some stories before heading out the door.

Me? I was doing this:

It's what I do every night. Ugh.

But, I also have this beside me:

She lights up whenever I look at her.

Always make me smile...even while I am doing statistics :)

I end my night eating a bowl of coconut yogurt with granola and some chocolate chips thrown in Yummm


Autumn said...

That made me tired just reading it! :) Rose is so cute, what a sweet smile.

Chris said...

Hey Jules! I love reading about your day. It's so fun that we're all doing this. It's fun to read and see all the pictures. Your day reminds me of mine...many years ago. I thought I'd never get out of that faze, but now LONG for it again. Keep up the posts and seeing you and the girls, oh, and Greg, too. (Even though he could have SMILED for the photo! hee hee)

Peace is every step said...

I'm so glad you're doing it! I love feeling like I can ride along with you through your day. :)

Lorrie said...

I loved reading about your day, too and seeing pictures of the girls and what you are all up to! The girls cannot be any cuter! I love seeing all the differences in them (: Keep it up, I want to hear more!!