Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still here!

Just another quick update!

Baby still isn't here yet! He or she seems to be very happy in there! Me, on the other hand, haven't been too comfortable. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my other pregnancies. The baby is so low, giving me so much pressure that it hurts to walk. I feel like my leg keeps coming out its hard to explain this feeling! Greg asked me last night...."so what can we do to get this baby out?" as its been hard on him as well.

Anyway, my due date is tomorrow as well as my next appointment. I haven't been feeling well the past few days so I am hoping that means I have dilated more. Five or six, maybe?

I'll try and keep you posted. My parents are here visiting and so my computer time is limited (they are staying in my computer room). I just had 178 new messages to go through!

The girls are enjoying the visit, although they both seem to be so overstimulated 24 hours a day that its been hard for them to just calm down...and to listen. I find myself repeating myself over and over again and getting frustrated (yes-hormones are at play as well) I am trying to let some things go, but also have the fear that if I let too many things go, I will have 2 wild children on my hands once the baby comes and I have all three by myself!

I'll be in touch and hope to bring some good news soon!


Maja said...

Glad to hear all is well... I can't believe you're still hanging in there! He or she is just going to fly out when the time comes, I'm sure. At least I hope, for your sake. :)

Peace is every step said...

Thanks for the update! Tell Greg to get get a catchers mit.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Sex, Sex, and more Sex. Those are my words of wisdom for getting that baby out.

What gets them in gets them out. :)XOXOXOXO

Autumn said...

Oh Julie, that sounds so uncomfortable. I hope the little one makes a quick arrival. I can't wait to hear all about it.