Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sooner or Later....

That appears to be my motto with most things in life......

It comes across in much of my parenting. I don't believe my girls should do something or stop doing something because they reach this "magic age" where the experts tell you they should. I would rather just "go with the flow" as my children are individuals who set their own pace in life. This isn't always as easy thing to do. Mara started sleeping through the night around the age of two, much later then many thought she should. But, I knew, sooner or later, it would happen. And it did. She still has her moments of getting up in the middle of the night and wanting us to just be there, and she often comes into our bed around 5-6 in the morning and sleeps another hour or so. But again, I know that sooner or later this too will pass, and I know that I will miss it when it's gone.

Now, with potty training Mara, again I don't believe in actual "potty training". With Analese, I waited until she showed that she was ready, and it was one of the easiest process we went through. With Mara, I honestly was hoping to wait until after the baby was born. BUT...she decided sooner was better then later, and decided a few weeks ago that the time was now. She was ready. We still have our good and not-so-good days with it, as she seems to have trouble with anything on below the waist (like tonight, when she pulled her underwear down and threw it across the room...just as surprised as we were to see a large clump of poop fall out!) but overall, she is doing great and we are so proud!

Yet another example...Analese still sleeps with a paci at night. Yes, she is almost four years old. I often feel like this is our "dirty little secret", and yes, it's embarrassing to me at times. But, we have decided to let her take control of when to give it up, and I am determined to stick with it. Sooner or later, she will be ready and I have to trust this. I do not see her going off to college with this paci!

Anyway, now I find myself again using this motto when it comes to the baby. Sooner or later, he or she will be ready to come! This past week my body has been going through lots of changes, and the reality of meeting him or her soon is quickly hitting me. Last Thursday was an especially busy day, as I lost my mucous plug (I'll spare you the details, but this time was especially shocking to me) and I have had cramping on and off since. Saturday night the contractions started to become a bit regular-every 17 minutes or so and Sunday they were every 11 minutes. We decided to go to our niece's graduation party that afternoon, which is an hour away, and on the way down there the contractions became very uncomfortable and about 4 minutes apart (I guess there is something to a bumpy car ride!) But once there, they slowed down again. Everyone was shocked that I was there, but I kept saying that how I refused to just sit around and wait for it to happen. I would go insane! My mother-in-law was ready to come up Thursday, but I said absolutely not, it would only cause me stress (last time she came, she refused to leave and lived with us for a week) I don't think she is happy about it, but I explained how she has a houseful of people (Greg's sister from Italy is living there for 6 weeks) and I know how much she has looked forward to them coming home. She hasn't called since Friday so I don't think she's happy.

Anyway, things are moving along. My next appt is tomorrow so I'll update you on any changes. No contractions lately, just a lot of really low pressure. This baby is still pretty active, a little less active today, but we also had a playdate so I have been moving around a lot.
I'll keep you posted....sooner or later, he or she will come.........


majawedding said...

Gah! So exciting! I can't wait to hear the news... I am going to throw a fit if nobody calls us and we get the news via blog a week later. :) Only a veteran mom would be running around with no mucous plug, partially dilated/ effaced and having contractions! I would never have been able to stay so calm and patient as a first-timer! All for the best for you all, though. :) Again, CAN'T WAIT! Keep us posted!

majawedding said...

Oops, I'm logged in to the account I made specifically for the wedding.

Julie B said...

yes, I have been told by many that I am completely nuts :) BUT-I will not take the girls somewhere far alone-just in case!
Just you wait-you'll feel much calmer the second time around! You have no choice really, as Luci will demand most of your attention and time and you just won't be able to have time to even think about it :)
I will definitely keep you posted-your on the list of who to call!

Autumn said...

Oh Julie, you are officially my mommy roll model. :)
I wish I could take things in stride and not worry as much. That is how I WANT to be, but I have such a hard time not fretting!
Happy thoughts for an easy labor! I can't wait to hear all about the new little one.

Chris said...

Isn't it amazing how much more relaxed we are with each child? I think that's why my boys stayed in utero longer than the girls...I was way more relaxed with them. I'm glad you are keeping busy, waiting around takes forever, BUT, I don't want you to overdue it and end up delivering in your car on the freeway or something! :)
Can't wait for the call!! Love you!

Following Forward said...

So exciting!! Can't wait to meet the new addition!! Praying for a safe delivery and for you to keep the peace.. ;)

Julie B said...

I do worry about things, especially when it comes to my own goals, and put way to much pressure on myself in that area! With the girls, it took awhile to figure out that less intervention is better for them, and just enjoying them at the level they are at. (I should also note that I do fail at this from time to time...but I am trying!)

Chrissie- I think you have no choice but to be relaxed! I knew if I didn't go to Greg's sister's house on Sunday, Greg and the girls wouldn't go there is a certain amount of pressure in that sense.
And no worries...I am not traveling far along with the girls, so at least I'll have help if I do deliver. Thats one way to have the home birth I want :)

Peace is every step said...

I LOVED this blog entry. I can't wait to get the news!!! I think we are one in the same with our parenting philosophies--we have some good genes!
When I was pregnant with Nevie and 4cm, I went on a 7 mile hike in the woods with no cell phone. A bit crazy considering my total labor time was 2 hours start to finish! I figured I'd know when it was really time.
Relish these last days of your little one inside. Give him/her a good belly rub from me. :)