Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random Photos- Our Week so Far

Monday's weather was beautiful!
Sisterly Love at the Park.

Tuesday : Sunny but very Windy
My sweet kitty, enjoying some rays

Wednesday: Very Windy and Rainy
One grumpy little girl with a head cold.
This is the position she takes if she knows I am getting a tissue :)

And Thursday: Beautiful, sunny spring day
Our last art class involves playing with shaving cream.
Mara leaves class- head to toe in hives.
No photos of that!


My Lifesong said...

I WANT SPRING HERE, TOO! Hope all the sniffles are over, and you all can be outside in the sunshine.

Mama Zen said...

Hives? Oh, no!

That first picture is just adorable. Two little elves!

Chris said...

One of my kids always had a reaction to shaving cream, too, when they were her age. Yucky!!
I WANT SPRING, TOO!!! It is -15 this morning....and it's March?! What's up with that?
I love the picture of them at the park...too sweet. :)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! The girls look so happy and so does your cat! I love Mara hiding from the evil kleenex, too cute! Sorry she got the hives, that's horrible! I would never have associated that with her allergies, but there must have been something in there that she's allergic to, huh? Poor baby! Hope she's feeling better now. Have a great weekend!


Julie B said...

yes, the hives were crazy! She absolutely loved the shaving cream-we filled up a box using a whole can and she just sat there, memorized by it. She ended up being covered with it-her arms and legs. When I started to clean her up, I noticed that her feet were turning a bright red and her legs were getting blotchy...I didn't think too much about it, helped clean up and made our way to the car. I carried her to the car and as I was buckling her up, I noticed hives all over her face! So I did I quick check and they were all over her arms, stomach, legs, back, etc. They didn't seem to bother her, so I got them home and gave them a bath...they were gone in about 3 hours.
I noticed that I had actually broken out a bit from it too...I had little red, itchy bumps between my fingers, and I have never broken out from shaving cream before, so it may just be the brand!
Not a fun sight to see! She looked so bad, but luckily, she never even noticed :)

Lorrie said...

Love the pictures! I forgot you had a black kitty (: Very cute!

Anonymous said...
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Peace is every step said...

Oh, I love your week in pictures! My kids always broke out to shaving cream too---especially the kind in the red-n-white tin (it seems like every ECFE class has that brand!). I had no idea you had a black kitty. It actually made me kind of sad, being that I have no clue what your day to day is & who your furry friends are. sniff-sniff.

Julie B said...

my black cat is Chloe (male but we named him before we knew :) )
We actually had him when you guys were here for our wedding, although I am sure he probably hid most of the time :)

Yeah-I wasn't surprised that she broke out...but the hives were scary. Seeing big welts covering her body was not a pretty sight!