Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Break

Sorry for the leave of absence, which was much longer then I had expected. I had a "break" from school last week, but also had two big projects due not much of a break! I cannot believe I only have about a month left of school, and then a much needed break until September!

Mara has been the biggest cause of my absence. We are starting to believe that her reflux may be coming back, as she is once again having major sleep issues, waking up anywhere between 6-10 times a night. Yes, thats 6-10 times a night, which comes out to be about once an hour. She wakes up just screaming, her whole body tense and then she goes limp...she barely wakes up anymore (although we are not so lucky). I am exhausted, as I run into her room as soon as I hear her in hopes of preventing both girls from waking up. Isn't this the time when I should be catching up with some sleep in order to prepare for those long nights of newborn feedings?

So we are making some changes to see if we can help her sleep better, and are watching her diet once again. I have a feeling it has to do with the flatbread she has bits of dried onion in it, which we usually try to avoid with her (as it causes her eczema to flair up) but let her have it now and then. Last week she ate a bit too much of it, as she loves it with this chicken salad I made for her. I hope thats it anyways! It could also be due to just having the stomach virus just causing her digestive system to become all screwy once again. Who knows!
We have also changed our dinnertime, pushing it to earlier so that she can be up for one hour before we start our bedtime routine. The longer she is upright, the better chance she'll have to digest and keep the food down.
Of course, if this doesn't work, we'll have to figure something else out soon. We all need to get some sleep soon.

Anyway-just a little explanation as to where I have been! Analese is sick with a head cold right now that is quickly moving to her chest, so she has been keeping me busy as well :)

I hope your holiday went well, and you were able to spend some quality time with your family! I will hopefully be able to post about ours tomorrow with some photos :)


Corey~living and loving said...

oh dear....I hope you get it all figured out....and rest is in your future.
welcome back.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling with this again. Hopefully you've figured out the cause and will be able to get things back to normal again soon, you definitely need your sleep! Will look forward to the Easter pics.

Lorrie said...

Aww, poor Mara. I hope you get things back on track soon. Hopefully, you are able to get some long naps in sometime during the day. Take care and I'll maybe call you sometime today-I am home with a sick one, too (:

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Julie!

Glad to know I'm not the ONLY one who has been away for awhile, we belong to a distinctive group, huh?! :o)

You must be absolutely exhausted with no sleep, that's not good! I hope you figure out what is causing little Mara's awakening, poor thing. She has certainly had to deal with alot, what a trooper she is!

Take care and hope you all get some shut eye!


Peace is every step said...

Hey Jules. Sorry to hear of your troubles--it's one thing after another lately with your sweet family. Not getting sleep is the pits---especially when you are growing a human being!!! Wishing you rest & peace soon, D

JO-N said...

It's a difficult period for you, Julie but everything will be back to normal soon. Be strong.

Here's an award for you:

No hurry. It will always be there.

Chris said...

Hey Jules. So sorry to hear that you are dealing with this yet again. Poor things! You do need your sleep...hope you get it all worked out soon for all of you. I'm praying that it is still the stomach virus (did I say that?) and that she's taking a little longer to heal. Keep us posted!
Love you!