Tuesday, April 1, 2008

25 Weeks!

First, I want to thank you all for the kind words and tips...ones we will surely use next year! I love the idea of trading in your candy, and will definitely have to use that one. We've been so lucky, Analese is so excited to get all the candy from the hunt, she gets to choose one piece before dinner, and has not asked about it since! Greg has been taking it all in to work and his coworkers have been eating it up. It's funny-we searched for safe jelly beans and gummi bears for Mara, and the highlight for both girls? The mini raisin boxes! They loved them-I do not know why we haven't gotten them before.

Anyway, I also love the sticker idea, even Greg thought it was a great one to try next year! We do have some special needs children in our family-autistic and visually impaired, but like I told Greg, it doesn't matter what eggs they get, just as long as Mara only gets her own.

We are still dealing with Mara and her sleep issues, to the point where I am beginning to feel that we may need to call her doctor if we can't straighten it out soon. She has begun snoring-quite loudly, another sign that its reflux. Last night she was up so many times again, and today at nap she woke up with this painful nonstop cry. I picked her up and she was just stiff, tight as a ball and just clung to me, never opening her eyes. She was almost shaking, and I rocked her until her body relaxed against mine. She slept for another hour on me...I just really need to get her some help, as much as I do not want to have her undergo any more tests.

So I am 25 weeks as of today! I have to tell you, I look and feel like I am 35 weeks. It's odd how big I have gotten this time around. I feel like I have gained so much weight in my stomach and in my thighs...and it makes me feel quite self-conscious. I know that technically I do not weigh that much, as I was pretty underweight to begin the pregnancy and I have gained about 20 pounds so far. I gained between 30-40 with each girl, and luckily lost it all within the first six months-you got to love breastfeeding! I just feel blah, and keep telling myself its the stress of school, and lack of sleep and the weather....I think the biggest thing is that I am carrying much lower this time around, much lower then I did with the girls. Lots of hip and leg pain, and my maternity clothes fit differently, where I am outgrowing shirts I wore before when I was 8-9 months! Yikes.
My loving husband seems to have forgotten with "how to deal with your pregnant wife's insecurities" and seems to be reading straight from the book of what not to say to your pregnant wife. He has never been one for proper etiquette, but also never this bad. It's been so shocking to me, it makes me laugh!
My favorites:

"Your HUGE! I mean, GIGANTIC! I can't believe you are this big, only being so far along" (this was rubbing my tummy as we laid in bed.)

"Of course your funny-looking! HELLO? Your PREGNANT!" (when asked if the dress I tried on for Easter made me look funny. Now-would that comment make you want to wear the dress? He couldn't understand why I was looking for something else to put on!)

" It's not like your just fat, I mean, your pregnant! You have a reason" ( that was trying to make me feel better when I told him how big I felt)

Other then that-things are going well! I still have a million posts to finish writing, and hopefully will find more time soon. We got to enjoy some 70 degree temps outside today! It was wonderful, just what we all needed :)

Hope your having a great week!


Mama Zen said...

Ah, husbands! Mine, bless his heart, has a gift for sticking his foot right in his mouth!

Gotta love that "you got a reason!"

My Lifesong said...

Hubbies and hormones! You gotta love them! Yes, I think you need to find out why Mara isn't sleeping, so you all can get some zzz's, and keep your sanity.

Autumn said...

Oh Husbands, Open mouth, insert foot. Mine would say "That's one big belly!" Nice.
I hope you find some help for Mara. You all need some relief!

Peace is every step said...

I am shaking my head & can SO RELATE to Greg's comments.

Mine is the king of crappy comments. He uttered the same "of course your fat!" line, and still says those things when I say I feel chubbly "Honey, you're almost 30 years old and have two kids, what do you expect?". Gotta love him. It's like living with a giant school age kid.

I would love to see some pics of your beautiful belly!

Lorrie said...

Husbands in real life really do say all the wrong things, don't they? They will never understand (: Jon's famous line was "Hey your butt looks as big as your belly!" and honestly thought I would laugh..... You always feel bigger than you really are-knowing you, you are getting a lot of comments on how small you are (: I REALLY want to see pictures of your beautiful belly, too!! We haven't seen any this time around-what's up with that?
I really think you need to bring Mara in, too and figure out what is going on-poor baby....

Julie B said...

Danielle-you totally reminded me of another lovely quote..."Name one person who has the same body they had after having three kids!"...OK, how is this making me feel any better?

I know, I'll try and post a belly shot I said, I am just feeling big and insecure this time around...but I will, soon.

I had to take Analese in to the docs today-she woke up with her right ear red and swollen AND the side of her face close to her ear as well! It seems she got bit yesterday when we were out playing, and had an allergic reaction to it.

Never a dull moment, is there? :)-

Julie B said...

Lorrie-I totally got the giggles over the butt comment!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Julie!

I am still chuckling from the comment you left me yesterday (I think you have me beat! :o) ) and then I come here and I'm cracking up all over again! Men! You know in your heart he meant all those things in the most innocent and loving way, right? Men just don't understand how having another life form INSIDE your own body, changing every inch of your being (from chubbier than usual cheeks to swollen toes) makes women feel about themselves. They need to learn the skill of little white lies that women are so good at! "Does this make me look fat?" "Why, no honey! You look healthy and radiant!" should be the reply! HA! :o)

Hope you figure out what's going on with Mara, poor girl! That's hard on all of you.

Have a good weekend, and hopefully some good sleep! Btw, I LOVE your new Springtime header, too cute!